5 Tips To Keep Ginger & Garlic Paste Fresh
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Indian cuisine and dishes are a complex blend of different types of spices and condiments. The recipe of Indian dishes is such that even the absence of one small ingredient can make a huge difference in the overall taste of the dish. Ginger garlic paste has been used in Indian cuisine for ages now. It is safe to see that the prevalent usage of ginger garlic paste in making gravies was introduced in India by the Mughals. 

With time, Indian people loved the distinct flavour of ginger and garlic so much that they started using the paste of these two condiments in almost every other recipe.Adding a spoonful of ginger garlic paste, even in the most simple gravy, can make such a significant impact. These days, a lot of different bottled ginger garlic pastes are available on the market. Being high in preservatives, these have an artificial flavour to them. Here are some tips and tricks for the person who wants to make ginger garlic paste at home but is worried about storing it and extending its shelf life.

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* Ziploc Bags

Using Ziploc bags to store food items and keep them fresh for a long time is a very common method of extending the shelf life of a particular food item. It just doesn't only work for solid food items but can also work equally well for gravies. Also, this is an inexpensive way of storing food without having to buy expensive airtight containers. A person needs to ensure that the ziplock bag doesn't have any holes or is torn from any end; otherwise, it will not fulfil its purpose.

* Adding Salt

Adding salt to ginger and garlic paste is a great way to ensure that the paste doesn't go bad that easily. Adding salt and food has been an age-old tradition to extend the shelf life of a particular food item. One can simply add a little bit of salt and oil to the ginger garlic paste while making it at home. Although this won't extend the shelf life of the paste extremely, it will certainly not lead to instant spoilage. Also, if one is planning to store the paste in the freezer, it will prevent the paste from becoming solid like ice.

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* Adding Vinegar 

One of the most common signs that the ginger garlic paste has gone bad is when it starts turning green in colour. To prevent this discolouration, one can simply add a little bit of white vinegar to the ginger garlic paste while they're making it at home. White vinegar acts as a preservative, and it will help slow the process of discolouration of the ginger and garlic paste. It is important to remember that this is just the way to slow down the spoilage, but it will not entirely prevent the discolouration. One has to also ensure that the paste is stored at an accurate temperature.

* Parchment Paper

Parchment paper is a brown-coloured or transparent paper that is made of cellulose. It has properties like non-stickiness, resistance to humidity and grease resistance. Parchment paper is used to store a lot of food items that have to be protected from the outer humidity and grease. One can simply store ginger garlic paste by spreading a spoonful of ginger garlic paste on the parchment paper and covering the paste properly with the paper. Now, the person has to keep this in the refrigerator. As per convenience, one can keep taking out the paste from the refrigerator for use.

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* Airtight Containers

Using airtight containers for storing food that goes bad easily is another very well-known method of preservation. Airtight containers are known to preserve and extend the shelf life of a lot of different types of food items. They help not only keep the ginger garlic paste fresh but also prevent the smell of the paste from spreading in the other parts of the refrigerator. Since ginger and garlic paste has a very potent smell, the whole refrigerator can likely become infected with that strong smell. Storing ginger garlic paste in an airtight container is important not only to extend its shelf life but also to prevent other food items in the refrigerator from acquiring that strong smell.