5 Tips To Clean A Barbeque With Kitchen Ingredients
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Having barbeque parties at home is pure joy. All you have to do is take your barbeque stand out and arrange for some raw ingredients. These parties are pretty hassle-free and easy to organise as opposed to a lot of other parties. Also, the open settings for barbeque parties make it even more interesting and indulging. Delicious food is cooked, and Barbeque also gives the option of self-service for all the guests. Everyone can simply assort the ingredients of their choice on skewers and make their food by themselves. If you want to plan a barbeque party at your home in the coming days then your barbeque stand must be clean and ready. Here are some infallible tips for cleaning your barbeque and making it party-ready.

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* Scrub With Onions

Onions are a very important part of a barbeque party. There is no Tandoori snack complete without some onions. But other than eating onions at your barbeque party, you can also use them to clean your barbeque grill. To clean your barbeque grill with the help of an onion, you have to cut the onion in half. Using a fork, you have to impale the other half. Heat your barbeque grill on medium heat and rub the half-cut onions smoothly over the grill. The onion juice will instantly work as a super effective cleaning agent and you will see that the grease melts away very quickly. Onions also have antibacterial properties that will help in sanitising the grill. After giving your grill a good scrub, just use a bit of water and clean off any residue. You can also simply take a wet cloth and clean your barbeque grill.

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* Vinegar Scrubbing 

Most of you would already know that vinegar is an excellent cleaning ingredient. This is a kitchen hack that is a must-try for everyone because it simply just works for all sorts of stains and grease. You have to mix equal amounts of white vinegar and baking soda. Mix them to make a thick paste and then spread this over your grill stand. let the mixture sit there for at least 15 minutes so that it penetrates inside the stains. After 15 minutes you have to take in aluminium, brush and wipe off stains without much strength. You will see that stains will automatically come off as soon as you start rubbing the aluminium brush. Rinse your barbeque with some hot water and your stand will be ready.

* Dish Soap Liquid

This is a very simple method to remove stains from your barbeque grill, but it works out if the stains are not too stubborn or old. You have to take some warm water and some dish soap liquid together. Now put this mixture over your barbeque grill and let everything sit for at least half an hour. You will see that the soap effectively breaks down all the stains and grease marks. Now taking an aluminium rush, just scrub everything with a little effort. Now rinse everything with some water thoroughly and make sure no soap is left in any corner. Pat dry everything with the dry cloth and it will be ready for your party. This is a very simple method when you don't want to experiment with ingredients like lemon and vinegar.

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* Steam And Scrub

This method will require you to use steam that is extremely powerful for getting rid of unwanted stains and just scrubbing them away. Just pre-heat your grill and then take a heat-resistant container filled with water. Once you see that the grill has become hot, place this container on the greats of the grill. Make sure that the container is closed with the lid on the top. Within 15 minutes you will see a substantial amount of steam has started generating. The heat and moisture present in steam will help in removing the stains as they loosen their grip. This method is for people who avoid using any kind of chemical or highly acidic ingredients to clean their barbeque. Also, if you do not like using your hands to scrub off the stains then this one is right for you.

* Lemons For Grill

Lemons are naturally cleaning ingredients and the high amount of acids present in lemon helps in breaking down the stubborn grease very easily. Also, lemons have a very fresh fragrance. Cleaning your barbeque grill with lemon is going to leave a beautiful aftersmell. For cleaning your barbeque stand with the lemon you have to first sprinkle some salt over your barbeque grill. Now target the areas where there is the most amount of stains. The texture of salt will act as a natural brush and the juice of lemon will act as a cleaning agent. After you're done, cleaning your barbeque grill, just clean everything with a damp cloth. Your barbeque grill will look brand-new and will have a beautiful fragrance.

All of these are some great measures to clean your barbeque grill just before your barbeque party. The approaches of all these methods are different and you can choose any of them based on your preference and mood.