5 Tea-Infused Cocktails To Jazz Up Your Weekend

The beauty of blending a cocktail lies in its versatility. From choosing the kind of booze to the flavorful ingredients for garnishing, there are myriad ways of making a cocktail extra stylish and delicious. Experimentation and infusion are a must when it comes to making any cocktail at home. Have you ever tried making your cocktails by adding a splash of tea into it?  Infusing your drink with tea can enrich it with an additional sweet flavour and aroma. Now, who doesn’t love tea? After all, it is one of the most consumed drinks after water. Be it summer or winter, we are always looking for an excuse to relish a piping hot cup of tea. It is time to step out of your comfort zone and try something exciting for a change. Shake up these five tea-infused cocktails that are bound to become your favourite.  

1. Earl Grey Tea Cocktail 

Have you heard of earl grey tea? This is a cocktail made with an interesting twist of blending it with a splash of earl grey tea. 

2. Whiskey Tea Highball Cocktail

This highball cocktail is a refreshing sipper for summers. A special Souchong tea is brewed in order to put together this drink at home .

3. London Fog Drink

London fog is a delightful tea-based drink that consists of earl grey tea, steamed milk and a hint of vanilla syrup. This remarkable drink was invented in Canada back in the late 19th century by a pregnant woman. The term’ fog’ in the drink refers to the steamed milk which yields a cloudy top.  

4. Blueberry Tea Cocktail

Blueberry tea is a popular cocktail that consists of a blend of tea and alcohol. It is served hot and considered as a close variant to hot toddy.  The name is derived from its fruity taste and flavours that remind one of blueberries.  

5. Green Tea Punch Cocktail

Blend this punch cocktail with a freshly brewed green tea to indulge in its irresistible flavours and aroma.

These dazzling cocktails will make a great addition to your exciting collection, so try them out soon.