5 Sumptuous Dumplings From Around The World You Must Not Miss
Image Credit: Photo: Cats Coming

Dumplings are loved by everyone, wherever you go. They are these pocket-sized pieces of dough that consist of many kinds of delicious fillings - from sweet to savoury. There are more than 100 types of dumplings around the world that have been a product of imagination, or sometimes an accidental discovery. Here we list 5 of the most sumptuous dumplings you can eat —  

1. Baozi  

A speciality from China, baozis are quite commonly eaten in popular culture. The ever-so-famous char siu baos are a type of baozis, though the word ‘baozi’ is shortened to ‘bao’. Well, if you thought bao is a kind of bread, just like kulcha, to fill with toppings, think again. It is also a dumpling!

2. Modak 

A festive eat that is typically popular during the month of Ganesh Chaturthi — a time when Lord Ganesha is offered Prasadam (offering). The followers of Lord Ganesha believe that Modak was one of his favourite foods, and therefore, the sweet dumplings are made in large quantities. A sweet dumpling, modak may contain one or a combination of assorted fillings such as jaggery, pistachio, cardamom, almond and coconut; they are cooked in a steamer or deep-fried. Other variations of modak that are popular outside India include the Japanese dumpling that is filled with red bean paste, curds and honey, and offered to Lord Kangiten, and thus the dumplings are known as kangidans.

3. Thai Money Bags 

As you guessed, these money bags are shaped like coin bags and that points to the significance of wishing good luck to whom they are served. They are often served in luxurious and royal parties at weddings, but can be spotted on New Years gatherings everywhere.

4. Pitha 

Pithas originated in India, and they can either be sweet or savoury. They are typically consumed as a snack with tea or coffee. As expected, there are several variations of pithas in India, whose doughs are made from different varieties of rice. Depending on where you eat pitha, they may even be shaped differently too. Some types of pitha include tel pitha that is fried in oil, whereas another unique kind is shaped like fingers and known as ungali pitta in Assam. Sometimes, pitha batter is made with refined flour and combined with fruits such as banana, or lentils such as black gram that give it a dosa-like texture.

5. Gyoza 

Though gyoza has often been compared to having the rustic appearance of a wrapper for real — it is often loved by everyone for having a unique presence in the dumpling category in popular food culture. Filled with some unconventional fillings such as natto, uni and shiso, gyozas are popular among Japanese! And the Japanese really know food, don’t they? So we trust the gyoza is tasty.

Have you tried any of these dumplings before? Which one is the tastiest?