5 Summer Kitchen Essentials You Must Have

With the arrival of summer, our diet and needs change. From having warm beverages, we start craving more and more chilled drinks. From warm desserts we shift to ice creams, kulfis and popsicles. When our most basic habits change with the weather, why can't we shift to some summer kitchen tools? We spend at least 4 to 5 hours in the kitchen every day and it is essential to have such tools that can make our jobs easier. 

When the temperature rises, it becomes essential for us to stay prepared to battle the hot weather, isn’t it? So, we have brought a list of kitchen tools that are summer essentials and something you should definitely have in the kitchen. And no, these tools are not expensive but affordable and easily available on Amazon. Here you go! 

Stainless Steel Bottle 

It is essential for us to stay hydrated. And when the mercury level is increasing day by day, our body loses its fluid through sweat, and we feel dehydrated and tired. Thus, it becomes essential for us to carry a water bottle that can keep our water cold. These bottles, easily available on Amazon, can keep the water cold for at least 24 hours. 

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Ice Mould 

From cocktails to mocktails to sharbats, we make so many drinks in summer and if the beverage is not chilled, it is not worth it. So, it is essential for us to keep our freezer stocked with a good amount of ice. One must have ice moulds that are available in different shapes and sizes. Not just water, you can freeze flavoured drinks in these ice moulds and enjoy them later.  


Kulfi Maker 

Summers are incomplete without ice cream. And to make ice-creams or popsicle or kulfi at home, we must have certain ice-cream moulds in the kitchen. These little treats are tasty and refreshing. However, if you are desi, kulfi is your go to chilled dessert for summer. So, one must own these affordable and useable kulfi makers in the kitchen especially during summers. 


Lemon Squeezer 

Lemons are anyway extensively used in a kitchen but when it is summer, almost every other beverage requires lemon. So, do you have to use your hand power every time before squeezing out the lemon juice? No, not every time. To overcome this, you must own lemon squeezers. They are pocket friendly and can reduce your lemon squeezing workload like anything. 


Watermelon Slicer

If you ask me, I just cannot count the number of times I cut and eat watermelons in summer. You cannot disagree but cutting watermelons is no less than a challenge. But what if you have a tool that can reduce your workload? Grab a watermelon slicer. This slicer helps you in getting rid of all the mess and you would be able to slice the watermelon while the rind is on.


What say? Buy these tools and make your summer kitchen experience much easier!