5 Summer Fruits You Need To Load Up On
Image Credit: Source: Pixabay

Come summer and our mind goes straight into the vast array of foods that are up for grabs during the season. From refreshing beverages to fruits and veggies that are exclusive to the season, one gets to enjoy the best of the season’s products that are delicious and refreshing as well. And as residents of a tropical country like India, we Indians get to enjoy these goodies for a longer period than a lot of other nations. The pain of the scorching heat becomes bearable only because of the assortment of fresh fruits that are available during the season. These fruits are one of the reasons why many of us wait for summers with bated breaths. As summers are arriving shortly, we have curated a list of some best summer fruits that you cannot afford to miss. Add these five summer fruits to your bucket list now.

1. Mangoes

If you ask most Indians the reason behind their waiting for summer, we bet the answer will be mangoes. Happens to be the ‘National Fruit of India’, mangoes are one of the best of the season’s products to relish. From raw mango chutneys to mango juice and even fresh ripe mangoes, the ‘King of Fruits’ is one of the most versatile and delicious of the summer fruits lot.

2. Watermelon

Don’t know about anybody else, but if I have a plate of watermelon cubes in front of me, then I don’t need anything else to beat the heat. The juicy, refreshing and delightful fruit is enough to help you get through the season. Apart from the taste, the hydration part plays a vital role in replenishing the lost fluid in your body during summers. Make a refreshing glass of watermelon juice or slush and you are good to go for the day.  

3. Jamun

Well, if you tell us that you haven’t had salt-marinated jamuns in your childhood and check your tongue for the black hue, then we believe you haven’t had a childhood at all. The summer fruit is rich in nutrients and antioxidants and is a great addition to your summer diet.  

4. Lychee

One of the most refreshing and ever-so-delightful lychees has been on many people’s favourite fruits list for ages. The sweet, delicious and refreshing fruit is an ideal addition to your diet to keep you hydrated throughout summers.

5. Jackfruit

Be it ripe, fibrous jackfruit cloves or unripe jackfruit curry, jackfruits are a delight to savour during summers. Widely cultivated and relished across the country, jackfruits are fruity, delicious and nutritious as well.