5 Soup Eating Etiquettes To Keep In Mind

Soups make the perfect appetiser before you start the main course. It would probably not be wrong to say that this light, comforting and delicious liquid food is loved by people from all age groups and culinary cultures. There is nothing more joyous in the world than slurping a spoon of warm soup on a winter evening. So, before the cold days draw to a close, let’s indulge in a bowl of some yummy soup. 

Although it’s fun to relish this comfort food, the real deal is how to consume it. Quite prone to spillage, soup is more difficult to savour than it seems. To make this job easier for you, we are here with some easy tips and etiquettes that you need to keep in mind while having soup.

1. Spoon It Away From Your Bowl

Although it’s not a rule that’s diligently followed by many, spooning the soup away from the bowl is one etiquette that we must keep in mind.

2. Eat From The Side Of The Soup Spoon

It’s quite common for us to eat the soup from the tapered end of the spoon. However, this increases the risk of spillage. It’s always advisable to have soup from the side of the spoon to avoid spillage.

3. Keep The Spoon On The Underplate

If you keep your spoons in the same bowl after every sip or finish it, there are chances that the spoon may not fit in. Instead, place the spoon on the underplate, so that it will be easy for you to pick it up again without creating a mess. 

4. Don’t Keep Your Spoon On the Bread Plate

If you are served soup in a shallow bowl or plate and bread on another plate, always remember to keep your spoon on the same bowl instead of the bread plate.

5. Add Crackers One At A Time

If you are adding crackers or croutons to your soup, add them one at a time instead of putting them all in at once. This will ensure you enjoy each sip with a variety of textures going around in your palate instead of having soggy croutons or crackers