5 Sensational Chocolate-Flavoured Cocktails For The Sweet Tooth
Image Credit: Chocolate Peppermint Stick Cocktail

It's been just two days since Valentine's week started and we are all quite hyped and excited for the big day to arrive. Until the final day of celebration, a series of other events and special days keep us in a festive mood. Throughout the week, people enjoy going out on dates and gifting each other decadent treats and goodies. Today is chocolate day and we intend to make this day as dreamy as possible for everyone. A glass of cocktail can jazz up any celebration in a blink. Drinks are a must at special occasions. Cocktails are an ultimate party starter and make a perfect sipper for refreshment. We have planned a lovely Valentine week for you already. Create a splendid cocktail menu for the remaining five with these five chocolate-flavoured cocktails that we handpicked for you and your better half. It's in your hands to decide which drink to blend first. Scroll up to check out our stunning collection right away. 

1. Chocolate Raspberry Martini

Who can deny a glass of martini? Blend this chocolate and raspberry martini by muddling raspberries in a cocktail shaker with chocolate 

2. Death By Chocolate Cocktail

This death by chocolate cocktail is truly the one to die for. Have you tried it yet? If not, this is your chance to make one soon. 

3. Chocolate Bourbon Russian 

A marginal, creamy and delicious cocktail that is packed with flavours of chocolate, cream and stout.

4. Chocolate Peppermint Stick Cocktail

Experience the sweet and minty flavorus by trying out this chocolate peppermint stick cocktail anytime during this lovely week. 

5. Chocolate Caramel Kiss Cocktail

For the upcoming Kiss Day, this cocktail is the most heavenly drink to enjoy with your partner. With the flavours of a hot chocolate and caramel liqueur, this cocktail will surely win everyone's heart in this season of love.

End the Valentine’s week with these super chocolatey cocktails.