5 Scrumptious Indians Desserts You Can Make With Milk Powder

Indian desserts often have a reputation of being highly versatile and rich in taste and flavours. They can be made by the method of baking, frying and freezing. Conventionally, every dessert is prepared with a handful of key ingredients such as sugar, flour and products. Each ingredient plays an important role as it serves a useful purpose. Sugar adds a flavour and enhances the texture while flour being a starch component acts as a source of protein and gives desserts a well-defined structure. When it comes to dairy products, they help in keeping desserts moist and tender. One can’t imagine making Indian desserts without the use of dairy foods such as milk, khoya and cream. Innovation and our creativity have led to the invention of many substitutes and alternatives that can be used in place of each other. 

In recent times, one of the major ingredients that has become quite popular is milk powder. It can be used as an alternative to milk. Just like every other dairy product, it helps in enhancing the texture of desserts by contributing to softness. It also has a far longer shelf life than liquid milk as it is non-perishable  and does not need to be refrigerated. Using milk powder is the easiest and quickest option where one is saved from the tedious process of simmering the milk and making khoya. Here are five irresistible Indian desserts that will surely satisfy your sweet tooth. 

1. Milk Powder Rose Mysore Pak

This rose mysore pak is a perfect dessert to make on any occasion or simply to satiate your sugar cravings in a jiffy. 

2. Kesar Burfi With Milk Powder

Sweeten your taste buds with a bite of kesar burfi this week. Don’t worry about how these milk powder burfi are going to turn out because they are truly delicious.  

3. Milk Powder Jamun

Milk powder is most commonly used in making this luscious Indian delicacy. Try making gulab jamuns with milk powder as it is too simple and effortless.   

4. Instant Gajar Halwa (With Milk Powder)

Before the winter season winds up, get a decadent bite of gajar ka halwa. If you don’t want to waste your time and efforts in making it then instant gajar ka halwa is a must-try for you.  

5. Milk Powder Peda

Pedas are generally made with khoya but have you ever tried making them with milk powder instead? Get your hands on this tasty recipe.