5 Rum Infused Recipes That Are A Must Try During Winter Season
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Rum is a very popular spirit in India and was introduced by the Britishers in the country. The camaraderie between Indians and rum is decades old. The acquaintance with rum is the reason why it is such a staple drink among Indians, especially in the winter season. Instead of just drinking rum as a liquor this year, you can try making a lot of interesting recipes infused with the goodness of rum. All these dishes can be made specifically during the winter season as rum is considered a winter-specific drink. Let's have a look at these recipes.

* Rum Fruit Salad

Winter season calls for the availability of a lot of seasonal fruits in the market. You get the best variety of grapes, oranges and a lot of other seasonally available fruits. Making a delicious salad from these fruits is a great option and can be served as an appetiser for your parties. You can give an extra cake to your regular fruit salad by adding some different ingredients and toppings to the salad. All you have to do is make a fruit salad with all the fruits of your choice. No drizzle some powder, minty sugar and lime mixture on the top of the salad. Give a final touch by adding a few drops of rum to give the salad its final extra cake. This is a fruit salad that is unlike any other fruit salad that you have tried before.

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* Rum Tiramisu 

Tiramisu is an extremely popular Italian dessert that has become a sensation among Indian people of late. This Rum Tiramisu is some steps ahead of your regular Tiramisu and you will surely enjoy this. This recipe is a little time-consuming but is worth every effort that you put in. All you have to do is drizzle some Rum drops on the base of your tiramisu before adding your lightly sweetened mascarpone cream. This recipe is going to be worth all your time and effort. The spiciness in rum is going to complement the sweetness of your tiramisu. You can also drizzle some caramel sauce on the top for a final touch.

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* Rum Chicken Marinade

This is a classic winter recipe that everyone in your family is going to enjoy. This has different flavours of sweetness, spice, and tanginess due to the variety of ingredients that are used in the preparation of this dish. You will need ingredients like barbeque sauce, some dark rum, Caribbean hot sauce, fresh, lime juice, vegetable oil, sea salt, pineapple that is cut properly and chicken breast. Marinate your chicken breast with all these sauces and spices and let it freeze in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. Make sure that you put your chicken in a plastic bag before keeping it in the refrigerator. Now grill your chicken on a grill. Simultaneously, you can prepare your relish by placing your pineapples on the grill rack. Let them cook until they become soft. Take your reserved marinade and bring it to a boil. Pour this over your chicken and pineapple and enjoy this with some fried onions and lemon juice.

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* Rum Cake

This is a Caribbean-style rum cake that you can try making at home. If you are trying to stay away from alcohol then this is not for you. It is very moist and has an area of flavour because of the different ingredients used in the preparation. The process of making this cake is so satisfying in itself that you will make it again and again to enjoy the process. To make this cake you have to take all the regular ingredients that you require for making a cake. This includes baking powder, salt, granulated sugar, all-purpose flour, water, vegetable oil, milk and eggs. You have to take some plain or spiced rum as per your choice as well. Now prepare your batter as you do for making a regular cake and add half a cup of rum in your batter. Let it sit in the oven for 10 minutes at 350°F. After 10 minutes, you will see that your cake has been cooked properly.

* Rum Kadha

Rum is considered to be extremely effective in curing cold. To make a kadha infused with the goodness of Ram at home, you have to use 2 cups of water, half an inch of ginger, some fennel seeds and black pepper. Also, take two cloves and two cinnamon sticks. You will also need 1 tablespoon of honey to combat the excessive spiciness in the kadha. Finally, take 2 tablespoons of rum as well as lemon juice. Mix all these ingredients in a pan and let the mixture come to a boil. Strain the mixture with the help of a sieve and drink this early in the morning. It will help you in getting relieved from cold and cough. 

These are some recipes that you can try making at home. All of these are infused with the goodness of rum and winter is the perfect time to experiment in your kitchen with rum.