5 Rookie Mistakes That Are Making Your Salad Unhealthy
Image Credit: Salads can be unhealthy too

So, one of your New Year resolutions was to eat more salads? Well, as they say it is never too late to develop good habits, and eating salads is definitely one of them. But is that enough? Do you think sneaking in a few greens here, a few nuts there and a drizzle of olive oil is enough to make your salad healthy? News flash: It is not. Turns out, that a bowl of salad too could prove to be one of the unhealthiest foods you can have in a day, if it is not assembled correctly. The health benefits of your salad could be getting severely hampered if you are making these common mistakes.  

1. Not Using Fresh Greens

 Using a week old, wilted lettuce for your salad may not yield you as many benefits as a fresh greens would. Old veggies tend to lose out on antioxidants, which is why when it is about salads make sure your focus is on all things fresh, fresh, fresh! 

2. Watch Out For The Dressings

Fat-free, low-fat dressings are not useful if they even have an ounce of added sugar in them. Sugar has no nutritional value. Excess sugar just accumulates in your body as fat. So watch out for the dressings you are using, as they can make or break your salad.

Opt for grilled foods instead of fried


4. Avoid Processed Food

Adding fried bacon bits, canned beans, tuna or even frozen fruits and vegetables are also not as helpful in making a healthy salad. 

5. Say No To Extra Shavings Of Cheese

Yes, some kinds of cheese are classified as 'good fats' and they should be a crucial component of your salad, but an overdose would do more harm than good. So cut back on those extra shavings of parmesan, gouda and ricotta and use whichever cheese you are using, in moderation. 

Next time you decide to fix yourself a quick salad, do keep these points in mind.