5 Reasons Why 'Peeli Sarson' Is A Boon For Health

There is a plethora of Indian spices that we use in our everyday cooking. However, we tend to underestimate their capabilities. If you think that spices are only good for adding flavours and aroma to the dish they are put in, you are highly mistaken. These spices are power packed with minerals and nutrients and could do wonders when it comes to promoting a healthy lifestyle. Among the so many miraculous spices stored in our kitchen is yellow mustard commonly known as peeli sarson.  

Peeli sarson or yellow mustard seeds are reportedly over 5000 years old. It is grown in different parts of the world and is also used in several cuisines across the globe. If some sources are to be believed, yellow mustard was once used as the main seasoning across Europe way before the spice trade came. Yellow mustard seeds have a sharp and tangy flavor and they become even more aromatic when toasted. Soaking the seeds in water before grinding them can also increase their heat.  

But did you know that mustard seeds come with so many health benefits too? Well, here is your chance. Here are 5 health benefits of yellow mustard seeds or peeli sarson that you must know about. 

Relieves Muscles Pain 

Peeli sarson can provide relief from muscle spasms. They have a high content of calcium as well as potassium. Both these nutrients can help in maintaining healthy muscles, joints as well as bones. Mustard seeds can relieve the pain of rheumatic arthritis, thanks to their selenium and magnesium content. 

Promotes Healthy Heart 

Yellow mustard seeds contain polyunsaturated and monosaturated fats and thus, can help in keep cholesterol levels in check. Yellow mustard seeds can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and can keep the body healthy.  

Can Prevent Cancer 

Yes, these little seeds can even help in reducing the risk of cancer. Yellow mustard seeds contain such phytochemicals that can prevent cancer and other chronic diseases. One can consume mustard seeds in so many ways right from curries to stir fries. 

Promotes Healthy Hair Growth 

Yellow mustard seeds contain a good amount of protein, beta-carotene, iron, calcium as well as many other minerals. The presence of all these minerals promotes healthy hair growth by increasing the blood circulation in the scalp. 

Cures Cold And Cough 

Mustard seeds, especially the yellow ones, are known to be an excellent remedy for cough and cold. Because of their pungent nature, they are naturally warm and also work as decongestant. Besides, mustard seeds are high in manganese, mustard seeds can strengthen the immunity system and keep seasonal infections at bay.  

Start including yellow mustard seeds in your everyday life and see the magic!