5 Reasons Why Drinking ‘Matke Ka Pani’ Is Beneficial For Summer

Come summer and all of us start stacking bottles in the fridge to get chilled water. But have you noticed that all desi households have a clay pot also known as ‘matka’ kept in the corner? Essential during summer, clay pots have a special importance in Indian households. These clay pots are perfect alternative to glass, steel and plastic containers. They are easily available in the market, affordable as well as environment friendly. Well, matka is not just for storing water but it also lends some health benefits too. 

Having water from a clay pot is not new to a lot of us. Still there are a lot of people who don’t know that it was not just a convenient way to store water but benefited the human body in so many ways. Those who have had water from these clay pots even once, know how great an experience it used to be. Wanna know the benefits of drinking water from clay pots in summer? Here you go! 

Helps Preventing Sunstrokes 

If you drink ice-chilled water, it may give you temporary satisfaction, but it can lead to long-term health issues. In contrast, drinking water from clay pots is considered very healthy. If some experts are to be believed, drinking water from clay pots can keep you protected from sun’s wrath and can prevent sunstrokes. 

Good For Metabolism 

As per MD Ayurveda, Dr Nitika Kohli, drinking water from the clay pots can help in keeping the metabolism intact. As per the doctor, water stored in clay pot can boost body’s natural metabolic system and give beneficial results. 

Keeps The Water Naturally Cool 

The water stored in clay pots is naturally cool and thus doesn’t harm the body like ice water. As per experts, water stored in clay bottles is at perfect temperature levels and thus hydrates the body to the fullest. It provides a cooling effect and is also gentle on the throat. 

Has No Room For Chemicals 

One of the biggest advantages of drinking water from clay pots is that the water is free of any chemicals. The water is chemical-free, clean and potent, thus doesn’t harm the body in any manner. 

Can Cure Acidity Issues 

Some health experts have claimed that the water stored in clay pots can prevent gastric and acidity issues. Many of our elders still prefer drinking water from clay pots as they believe that it can prevent acidity, gastric and other issues in the body. 

Do you still have ‘Matke ka pani’? Do let us know!