5 People-Pleasing Desserts You Can Make With Cookies

Desserts are irresistible, especially if you have a sweet tooth. What’s not to like about them? Sugar, fat, chocolate, and other flavourful ingredients are all that the human body craves, but there is a way to make these sweet delectables even better. Whether you have chocolate biscuits or cookies at home, you can simply turn an ordinary dessert recipe into a celebratory spread.

Video Credit: The Stay At Home Chef/ YouTube

A dessert recipe further helping you create another sweet dish is not unheard of, but it has the potential to explore more. Chocolate biscuits and cookies are especially the best picks for the options given below. You will not have to add any flavour enhancers and just spend a few moments in the kitchen to create these delectables.

Banana Pudding With Vanilla Wafers

If you are hosting a party for children and have limited ingredients in the pantry, banana pudding layered with vanilla wafers or any other fruity wafers of your choice is the best way to go. Take a pudding mixture along with condensed milk, bananas, milk, whipped cream, vanilla extract, wafers of your choice, and whipped cream. This recipe does not need baking. Carefully assort the layers of banana slices with vanilla wafers, and the dessert is ready to be presented.

Chocolate Cookies Cream Cheesecake

If there is heaven for foodies and lovers of cheesecake, it is this recipe that combines the goodness, aroma, and distinct flavours of cheesecake and chocolate cookies. This treat is sure to leave you in a food coma. Follow the recipe for cream cheese cake, only add a layer of chocolate cookies at the bottom and top. Garnish this cake with fresh chocolate cookies or biscuits and enjoy.

Cookie Crust Pie

People who like crunchy desserts will be impressed by Cookie Crush Pie. Start by blending your favourite cookies in a blender to make fine crumbs out of them. Mix this with melted butter to create a smooth paste and pour it into a baking dish. Even the surface of the base and bake it until it sets. Pick your favourite pie filling like cheesecake, pudding, or fruit, and refrigerate it for a while before serving.

Cookie Trifle

Unlike Rachel’s English Trifle in F.R.I.E.N.D.S, this one is really a people pleaser. It will help you collect all the praise from your guests. In a baking dish, layer crumbled chocolate cookies with whipped cream or pudding. Add alternative layers of these two ingredients and set the dish in the refrigerator to set. Add cookie crumbs on the top along with fresh slices of fruit and serve the dessert.

Cookie Parfait

Parfait is a delicate, appealing, and delicious dessert that takes hardly any time to cook and assemble. All you need for this are jars, chocolate cookies or any other cookies of your choice, and Greek yoghurt. Assemble the cookie crumbs and yoghurt in a jar in alternative layers and top with a drizzle of chocolate sauce, honey, maple syrup, or seasonal fruits. Refrigerate for a couple of hours and enjoy it after dinner.