Old is actually gold. I am not just saying it but believe it too. No matter how much you experiment with a dish or how many new bakeries have now been established in your town, your mind and heart will crave the old version of the dish and look for the iconic bakeries eventually. Similarly, Pune's oldest bakeries can never be ignored. They are the identity of the city. Their bakery items’ taste reminds us of our childhood memories and old good days. Let’s agree! 

Those who are new in the city and not fully versed with its iconic bakeries have reached the right place. Here we will tell you about Pune’s 5 oldest bakeries where you must stop by at least once.

Husseny Bakery

Established in 1932, Husseny Bakery is 88 years old. From drool-worthy Cakes, Jam Rolls to soothing Irani Chai and a variety of biscuits, you will find an array of delectable bakery items at Husseny Bakery. If you ever happen to visit the place, do try its Brun Pavs or else you will regret it.

Meal for two costs: Rs 150

Persian Bakery

Almost 10 decades old, Persian Bakery is one of the most popular bakeries in Pune. It kneads your needs and offers you the buns of joy. Established in 1921, the bakery is 99 years old now. Punekars just can’t live without satisfying their palates with Persian Bakery’s Bombay Khari, Cheese Papri Crackers, Nankhatai Biscuits, and cream cakes.

Meal for two costs: Rs 500

Ramsar Bakery

This 88-year-old bakery is all about classicism. Serving Punekars since 1932, Ramsar Bakery is famous for its Mawa and Walnut Cake, Coconut Biscuits, Broon Pav, and Burger Buns. They offer a variety of Kharis too.

Meal for two costs: Rs 200

Royal Bakery

This legendary bakery has a rich history. Royal Bakery in Pune used to serve Peti Pav to British officers before Independence. Having its special Broons and milk bread can offer you a lifetime experience. 

Meal for two costs: Rs 100

Kayani Bakery

This iconic bakery was established in 1955. Its lip-smacking Mawa Cake is a must-try. This 65-year-old bakery in Pune offers happiness through its bakery items.

Meal for two costs: Rs 150