5 Non-Alcoholic Drinks To Pair With Cheese

The goal of food and drink pairings is to elevate the already amazing experience of eating. The correct beverage can help cut through a dish's fat content, refresh your taste, and enhance the flavours of the components in ways your innocent little head could never have imagined. Have you ever heard of non- alcoholic drinks you may have for a sweet and salty bite of cheese block? You may have heard about wine and cheese pairings or beer and cheese pairings. Here we suggest trying something different with these pantry basics if you don't like drinks or mocktails. Once you give it a try, you'll always remember us. 


If you enjoy whisky and cheese together, you might also enjoy tea. Tea is cooling while maintaining the delightful astringency you would expect from a whisky that has aged in a barrel or a fine red wine. Choose a stronger tea that can stand up to the taste, such as an aged Oolong or Pu'er, a fermented tea from the Yunnan Province of China. The pu'er pairs particularly well with a salty aged Gouda because the tea counteracts the butterscotchy, dusty, and savoury flavour of the cheese. 


A creamy cheese and your daily brew go well together because coffee contains tannins to balance fat and richness, making it the perfect counterbalance. Drinking hot liquids only serves to enhance the cheese's browned-butter and toasted-nut flavours. If you enjoy your coffee with cream and sugar, the beverage's richness and sweetness pairs incredibly well with a triple-cream, soft-ripened beauty. Rich cheese behaves much like cream if you drink your coffee black. 

Chocolate Drink 

Why not try combining sipping chocolate with the classic pairing of cheese and chocolate? Blue cheese and sipping chocolate are so underappreciated due to the contrast of sour and sweet. You could make a drink that is thinner, like an American hot chocolate, or you could make a drinking chocolate by using less milk or water. A fudgy blue cheese like Bay Blue has a lengthy, beautiful, lingering minty finish thanks to a richer, darker drinking chocolate. Two such stale items would not be expected to taste so light, but they do. 


This childhood favourite can be your cheese match if you want to brighten the mood. Reduce the sugar and add an herbal twist for an adult twist without alcohol: fresh, Gouda-style goat cheese and a low-sugar lavender lemonade. You're sort of contrasting the rich flavours with the goat's milk's herbaceous undertones, so it both complements and contrasts with the lemonade. 


We're not referring to Mountain Dew here. The best option is natural soda with softer flavours that don't overpower your cheese. Due to their carbonation, sodas naturally pair well with cheese. The tiny bubbles cleanse your palate by removing the fat off your tongue.