Wait. Calm down. Breathe. We are almost midway through the Navratri, and it is entirely okay if you still haven’t figured out your whole Navratri fasting menu. At times, the rituals and rules can get overwhelming, but that doesn’t mean you start starving yourself. Navratri fasting could be much less tedious if you plan things ahead; bookmarking specific recipes could be a good idea too. You can also plan things ingredients-wise. Start with eliminating what you cannot have and stock up on what you can. Guess what? Potatoes are permissible in a typical Navratri vrat, and isn’t that the best thing? We are consuming potatoes in one form or the other every day, and it is time to let this tuber shine again. Including high carb foods like potatoes and sweet potatoes will also ensure that your energy requirements are met even when you are fasting. You can use potatoes to make subzis, snacks, and desserts, and we have just the suitable recipes to help you with that. So, brace yourself for the fabulous Navratri special delicacies coming your way in 3, 2, 1...

1. Batata Vada

The street-side favourite of Maharashtra can be one of your go-to snacks this Navratri too. Tempting potato dumpling encased in Singhara and Rajgira ka atta, this quick snack has all our heart.

2. Vrat Wale Aloo Palak

Your regular aloo-palak got a Navratri special upgrade. This sumptuous, wholesome and filling curry is ideal for those fasting. You can pair it with samak ke chawal or kuttu puri. This could be served as both main course or side dish.  

3. Vrat Wale Jeera Aloo

Jeera aloo fans we have some good news for you. You can enjoy your favourite side dish in the vrat too. For the unversed Jeera Aloo is nothing cubes of potatoes tossed with cumin and mild spices. Here salt is replaced with Sendha Namak to make it suitable for the fasting.  

4. Vrat Wale Aloo Chaat

You may have started fasting but what can you do about the cravings that can come kicking anytime. Simple, you cook yourself an easy-peasy snack. This Aloo chaat inspired by Dilli wali special aloo chaat. With potato cubes fried with roasted cumin, ajwain, dry mango powder and red chilli powder, this tangy and tantalising chaat is sure to tig at your heartstrings.  

5. Aloo Ka Halwa

It happens so often that while celebrating potatoes we completely sideline its sweet tuber cousin, the sweet potatoes. Also known as Shakarkandi in Hindi, sweet potatoes are also a vrat favourite. You may have boiled it and enjoyed it with a sprinkle of chaat masala and a dash of lime, but have you ever made a halwa out of it? That’s right, this UP delicacy has comfort written all over it. And it is a hit among kids too.  

Navratri is one of the most widely celebrated Hindu festivals. And if you have decided to eat Satvik food for a while, trust us there are options aplenty, these are five recipes you should definitely try.