5 Mulberry Cocktails For A Summery And Refreshing Experience

We can’t disagree that mulberries are one of the most underrated berries we could ever get. These berries are sweet, small and loaded with flavours. And it is not just about the taste but also about its nutritional value. If some sources are believed, mulberries are used in so many different cultures as an efficient medicine. But could this berry make some cocktails? Well, the answer to this is YES. 

Mulberry is one such berry that can perfectly complement so many spirits and tingle the taste buds like anything. They could be used in so many new, different and exciting ways. Mulberries lend a super tangy, sweet and rich flavour to a cocktail. No matter what you take, be it vodka or gin, tequila or rum, mulberries can make some amazing cocktails. Don’t believe us? Scroll down! 

Mulberry Manhattan  

Manhattan is one of the classics we all love but the addition of mulberry syrup can give it a pleasant flavour. If you like your cocktail a little strong with little sweetness, give mulberry Manhattan a try. This fruity touch to this classic cocktail could be a steal. Do give it a try! 

Mulberry Mojito 

Could there be anything better than a mojito for summers? This mojito not just has a vibrant and stunning colour but also is refreshing, soothing and relaxing. If you like something light and fizzy at the same time, mulberry mojito could be perfect. This cocktail is something you can serve to your guests in house parties too. If you are looking for a non-alcoholic mojito to make, here is the recipe.

Video Credits: Spice Basket/Youtube

Mulberry Bourbon Smash 

A refreshing concoction of spiced mulberry simple syrup and fresh mulberries, this cocktail is something you can’t say no to. This cocktail has a perfect balance of sweet and tart flavour and with the addition of bourbon, it gets a warm and smoky flavour. It could be perfect for a summer evening. 

Lemon Mulberry Gin 

Lemon makes up for some amazing summer cocktails. With the addition of mulberry, gin, sugar and club soda, it becomes an extremely special and soothing cocktail. This could be a modern twist on the popular sloe gin fizz and can steal your heart in no time. 

Mulberry Bramble 

This is a delightful and bright spring cocktail and is perfect for those who love tangy and fruity flavours. To make this refreshing cocktail, all you need is fresh mulberries, lemon juice and gin. This cocktail is of pretty red colour and looks tempting too! 

Let us make this summer special by trying these unique and refreshing mulberry cocktails. What say?