5 Most Popular South-East Asian Soups You Must Try
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Soups are an important aspect of Asian cuisine, and they are frequently served as a side dish.  

It is a part of their culture since they are regarded as equally significant as a main course. People in the South East take their soups very seriously, and there are hundreds of different variations that are progressively gaining popularity around the world. People from other countries are also attempting to emulate this tradition.  

Soups are easy to integrate into our diets because they are considered light and appetising. 


5 most popular South East Asian soups- 

1.  Soto Medan From Indonesia 

It is an Indonesian soup made of chicken cooked in herbs and condiments like ginger, turmeric, garlic in coconut milk and is served with boiled chicken strips, steamed rice or potato pancakes. Chicken is the most common meat used in this soup but you can use your choice of meat as well. Vegetables can also be added to enhance the flavour. This soup is generally served warm and is often considered the “comfort food of Indonesia”.  

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2.  Pho Noodle Soup From Vietnam 

It is the most popular Vietnamese noodle soup meal, which can be found in practically every Vietnamese family, from huge restaurants to little stalls. It's created using rice noodles, herbs, and meat in a broth. It is also known as the national dish of Vietnam. The soup's characteristic flavour comes from the herbs and spices used in it, such as ginger and basil combined with other spices, while the vegetables used add crunch and texture. Because of its excellent taste, this soup is becoming increasingly popular around the world. 

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 3. Tomato And Crab Noodle Soup From Vietnam 

Also known as Bún riêu, t's a Vietnamese rice-noodle soup with minced tomato and crab paste. It's a soup that's absolutely bursting at the seams with flavours and vegetables. Tofu is sometimes added to these soups as well. Due to the presence of tomato paste, it has a sweet and acidic flavour. The soup's flavours are wonderfully balanced by the tomato and crab paste. This is one of the most well-known soups in Vietnam. 

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4.  Tinola From Philippines 

 It's a Filipino soup with white rice on the side. Garlic, basil, ginger, and fish sauce are commonly used in its preparation, giving it a distinct and rich flavour. Tinola's is usually made with meat, such as chicken, but some individuals also use fish. Green papayas and chilli peppers are commonly served with this dish. 

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5.   Khao Soi From Thailand 

It's a Thai specialty meal that's also known as 'the coconut soup,' because it's made with coconut milk and red curry paste. It can also consist of any type of meat topped with crispy fried noodles or egg noodles.  It's generally accompanied by pickled cabbage and limes. 

 So ditch your regular sweet corn soup once and try these out the next time you go out. 

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