5 Lip-Smacking Custard Fillings To Make Delightful Pies

A pie has two segments - the first is the crispy crust and the second is the lip-smacking filling. Each bite of this deadly combination can leave you in a food coma. While there are a handful of ways to bake the crust, you can truly experiment with the filling. It is the star of the dish that can impress your guests. 

Video Credit: Natashas Kitchen

Imagine biting the crust and tasting the pulpy, creamy, and sugary filling. Custard-filling pies are also the perfect choice for desserts at your party. You can fill each pie with a different filling and offer a variety of flavours to your guests and loved ones. If you have a sweet tooth, below mentioned are five types of fillings that you must try out to prepare heavenly treats. 

Lemon Custard Filling

There is nothing more enticing than the zesty flavour of lemons. Imagine adding the same to your pie and leaving everyone surprised with the new recipe. The tangy notes from lemon will also balance the sweetness in the filling. Start by whisking eggs and sugar together until you have a smooth paste.

Meanwhile, heat the milk until it is warm enough and combine it with a paste of eggs and sugar. Add lemon zest to the concoction for fresh flavours and add to the pie ready to be baked. The finished product will be a perfect balance between tangy and sweet notes. 

Coconut Cream Custard Filling

Coconut cream filling adds a unique flavour of coconut, one of the most nutritious ingredients known to humans. Make coconut cream filling for the pie, and you will end up baking the most comforting dessert you have ever tasted.

Preheat the oven to 180°C, and prepare a mixture of a cup of granulated sugar and four eggs. Mix these ingredients until you have a smooth paste. Heat milk and coconut cream in another bowl and combine it with eggs and sugar concoction. Add this to the pie crust and bake it for 30 minutes.

Raspberry Chocolate Custard Filling

Adding chocolate as a filling in a pie is nothing new, but it is surely one of the most delicious and irresistible fillings. This time, you will mix it by mixing white chocolate and raspberries. Not only the notes of the two ingredients are complimentary, but they make the dessert taste like heaven.

Prepare the mixture of eggs and sugar in one bowl, and combine milk and chocolate in a heated pan. After you have mixed both the formulas together, fold in fresh raspberries into the mix, and pour this filling into the tart. Bake the dessert for 30-35 minutes and enjoy. 

Nutty Almond Custard Filling

To make the filling crumbly and crunchy, nuts are the best ingredients. You can experiment with the dry fruits of your choice, but almonds are irreplaceable. They will add a velvety smooth texture to the pie and improve its nutritional quotient. 

Make a frothy mixture of sugar and eggs to ensure that the filling is smooth and creamy. In another bowl, combine milk and sugar along with a teaspoon of almond extract. After combining the two mixtures, fold in crushed almonds, and add the filling to the pie. After baking for half an hour, enjoy the dessert.

Chocolate Custard Filling

Going back to roots can be more fulfilling than experimenting. When in doubt, always make chocolate filling for the pie. However, you can add a twist to it by adding fresh berries to the mix and for garnishing on the top.

Keep melted chocolate ready in a double boiler while you make a smooth concoction of sugar, eggs and vanilla extract. After mixing chocolate with milk and cream, fold in the mixture of eggs, and some freshly chopped berries. Bake the pie with this filling and add berries on the top for garnish.