5 Lesser Known Health Benefits Of Mushroom Coffee
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Mushroom coffee is very warm and delicious. Anyone who tries this coffee becomes obsessed with it and tries it again and again. It is a flavourful amalgamation of various flavours that make each sip of this coffee memorable and drool worthy. Most of us are already acquainted with conventional coffee and its potential health benefits. But over time a lot of new coffee varieties have emerged in the market and become popular. Mushroom coffee is one of those enigmatic varieties that is still to get the kind of commercial popularity that it deserves. Other than having a flavour to die for, it is also packed with a lot of health benefits. 

Recipe Of Mushroom Coffee

To make mushroom coffee at home. You will need some powdered mushrooms that are made after dehydrating mushrooms and then grinding them in the food processor to get the powder-like consistency of the mixture. After this, you mix this powder with your ground coffee in a 50-50 ratio. Mix it with a little bit of hot water and beat it properly. Now add water, sugar and milk as much as you like and your coffee will be ready.

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Let's look at some of the top benefits of drinking this coffee.

* Improved Cognition 

The mushroom powder can be made by using several types of mushrooms. One of the most popular and expensive varieties of mushroom called Lion’s mane is a favourite among mushroom coffee enthusiasts. Not only is it delicious but it has multiple benefits for the cognitive health of the brain. Lion's mane is expensive because it has scientifically proven qualities to support the better functioning of the brain and improve the overall health of the brain. It can also help in improving our memory and the quality of our concentration. You may also see a significant improvement in the development of your nerve cells. Making mushroom powder from Lion’s mane mushrooms is great for your brain and your taste buds. 

* Adaptogenic Benefits 

A lot of varieties of mushroom coffee including reishi and changa are believed to have adaptogenic properties. Adaptogenic properties simply mean the ability of the body to adapt to new outer circumstances and maintain an optimum state even in conditions of stress. Adaptogens can help her body maintain the necessary equilibrium even in unprecedented situations. They can help in controlling how much cortisol, which is a hormone produced during the time of stress, is released. By keeping a check on the production of cortisol, our body doesn't feel overly stressed and overwhelmed during conditions of stress.

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* Immunity Boosting 

Mushrooms are popular because of the high amount of antioxidants present. The antioxidants present in mushrooms can help in boosting the immunity of the body. Most funguses contain a lot of micronutrients that can strengthen the immune system of the body. Coffee is also very rich in different violence like vitamin B2, vitamin B5, and vitamin B3, all of which can play a very important role in providing the needed energy to the body. Other than providing energy to the body these vitamins also help in ensuring better immunity. The combination of coffee and mushroom is great and this dynamic duo provides an array of health benefits to the body.

* Anticancer Properties

A lot of studies have shown that multiple mushrooms have properties that may lead to curing or suppressing cancer cells in the body. Mushrooms are the most important ingredient in mushroom coffee and consuming a cup of mushroom coffee daily may reduce the chances of the production of cancer cells in the body. It is important to note that no evidence proves that mushroom coffee can lead to the suppression of cancer cells in the body. All of the scientific evidence is based on the consumption of mushrooms. Because mushroom coffee relies heavily on mushrooms, it is obvious that mushroom coffee will also have similar benefits. Also, the kind of effects that coffee has on individuals may vary from person to person.

* Antioxidants 

Mushroom coffee is packed with a lot of antioxidants including polyphenols and glucans. This can help in controlling the oxidative stress in the body. Moreover, antioxidants are also directly considered responsible for reducing inflammation in the body and neutralising the effect of free radicals in the body. By lowering the production of free radicals in the body, the development of chronic diseases is reduced by itself. Also, antioxidants improve the quality of our skin and hair.

All of these are some of the top benefits of drinking a cup of mushroom coffee regularly. Now that you know of these benefits, try making mushroom coffee at home and see if you like it or not.