5 Kitchen Blunders You Should Stop Doing

If you love cooking, you know that it is not just about following a recipe but much more. Cooking is a skill and not everybody can master it. Right from having the right kitchen tools to knowing how to use them, there are some basic kitchen habits. But you know what? Despite spending hours in the kitchen every day, we tend to make some mistakes and we keep repeating them over time. The worst part is we don’t even know what those mistakes are. This not only hampers our health but also the sustainability.

So, let us take you through some common kitchen mistakes we all make and should stop making right away. Have a look! 

Cooking Chapati Directly On The Flame 

We all do it but this process that may save your time, is extremely dangerous. We first half-cook the chapatis or rotis on tawa and then cook them completely by roasting them on direct flame to save our time. Some recent studies have claimed that not just the food burns and its nutritional value diminishes, the gas stoves and cooktops emit harmful gases which are absorbed by the chapati. This can put adverse effects on the health. 

Overusing Non-Stick Pans 

We all rely on non-stick pans for making certain dishes. But what we don’t know is that non-stick pans should be used for making a particular set of dishes and not everything. When it comes to searing or charring food, non-stick pans could be a bad option. This would erode the layer of non-stick pans and would make them futile. 

Disposing The Pasta Water 

What do you do with the water you used for boiling pasta? You throw it, right? But actually, this water could be of great use. The starchy water that you have been throwing can actually help in making a creamy pasta. You can switch your normal water with pasta water for better results.  

Not Preheating The Ovens 

Every single baking recipe asks us to preheat the oven beforehand but many of us skip this step thinking that it is not that important. But it is essential to preheat the oven for uniform cooking. If not preheated, it may lead to uneven cooking and even burning. 

Putting Ingredients In An Unheated Pan Or Utensil 

We always stay in a hurry. We just place pans on the gas and start putting ingredients into it. But it is wrong. It is essential to add ingredients in the pan only when the pan is heated. For example, when it comes to stir-frying vegetables, the pan should be hot otherwise it would make the veggies soggy and not crispy.  

You were making these mistakes, right? It's time to rectify these blunders and shift to a healthier and sustainable cooking experience.