5 Jharkhandi Dishes That You Must Try
Image Credit: Jharkhandi cuisine deserves more attention | Instagram - @legitimately_epicure

Jharkhandi cuisine is one of the most underrated cuisines and despite having great food, it goes under the radar. From breakfast snacks, to drinks to desserts and tribal delicacies, the state of Jharkhand has plenty to offer to foodies who want to discover uniquely tasty food. Let us look at the 5 stars of the Jharkhandi cuisine that you must try to fall in love with the state and its wholesome food.

Dhuska – This staple breakfast food of Jharkhand is made by deep frying a fermented batter of urad dal and rice. Right from pairing it up with a simple aloo chana ki sabzi to eating it with crispy jalebis or having mutton-curry with dhuska during special celebrations, dhuska is a regular part of the state’s plate. A Sunday at my house without a hearty breakfast of jalebi and dhuska does not seem like a Sunday at all! Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, Dhuska should be on your must try list for sure.

Chilka Roti – As a kid, the most fascinating lunch box was of one of my friends who never brought roti with her sabzi. It was always the white, dosa-like chilka roti. This roti, made with a batter of rice and gram fermented overnight can either be served with sabzi, or consumed with spicy aachar or dhaniye ki chutney.

Picture credit : Instagram - @fried_vivers


Koinar Saag – Jharkhandi cuisine is full of local flavour and ingredients. Whatever edible flowers, leaves or seeds are collected from the forest, are added to the authentic food of the stare. Koinar saag is one such leafy vegetable that is cooked with chopped garlic and served alongside rice. The saag is rich in fiber and has minimum fat and carbohydrates, which makes it very healthy to consume. 

Mahua and Handia – Your entire introduction to Jharkhandi cuisine is a failure if you do not try the local alcoholic drinks of the state. Made from mahua leaves, mahua is considered to be the traditional feast drink of Jharkhand. It is consumed during festivals. Handia, on the other hand, is Jharkhand's own version of rice beer. It is readily available at any point in time and women are seen selling handia on the street-side. But the peak time to have this drink is during the sacred tribal festival of Karma.

Anarsa – This dessert is a deep-fried delicacy that is made with rice, poppy seeds and jaggery. It is especially eaten during festivals. You can pack and keep Anarsa stored for many days, because it does not perish easily. This is the reason why it makes for the perfect dessert or snack to carry during trips or long journeys. My mother used to pack them for me during all my picnics and those are some of my fondest memories with this sweet snack. 

Try these five dishes from Jharkhand and go explore the unexplored food of the state, Jharkhandi cuisine deserves your attention.