5 Irresistible South Indian Chicken Recipes You Must Try
Image Credit: South Indian Chicken Recipes

India is a diverse country and the best way to experience diversity is through its food. The multiple regional cuisines of the country are sure to impress even the toughest of food critiques and have done that already over the past many years. Be it the robust tikkas of the north or the stellar curries from the south, one cannot help but drool over it all. South Indian cuisine, especially, is one of the most flavourful and offers an array of unique and mouth-watering delicacies around. Keeping in mind the love Indians have for chicken dishes, south Indian cuisine has some of the best ones. And no, they are nothing like the classic butter chicken or murgh tikka. They are different, top-notch in flavour and unique in their own right.  

With generous use of mustard seeds, coconut or tamarind, south Indian cuisine has a variety that is sure to boggle your mind as you ask for more servings after just one bite! Here we have 5 of the best south Indian chicken recipes you shouldn’t miss! 

1. Chicken 65 

This one hardly needs any introduction, especially to those who love their chicken fiery! A popular one from Tamil Nadu, Chicken 65 takes the usual fried chicken a notch higher and adds a spicy touch of red chilli to make a starter that will set your mouth on fire! 

2. Kerala Chicken Curry 

A staple in Kerala households, marinated chicken doused in a flavourful gravy of spices and herbs. This one will go best with fresh appams! 

3. Chettinad Chicken 

Another one to make your taste buds flutter with spice! Chettinad chicken is named after the region it belongs to Chettinad in Tamil Nadu. It boasts of some of the spiciest delicacies around and this one comes laced with aromatic flavours of the south including coconut! 

4. Coorgi Pepper Roast Chicken 

Here is a perfect starter recipe! Coorgi pepper roast chicken involves the meat tossed in with a spicy masala of spices and herbs including pepper, clove, cinnamon, cumin and more. 

5. Kori Gassi 

A masterpiece from Karnataka, Kori Gassi has a delectable combination of coconut and tamarind with an array of spices. You are sure to love this stellar dinner party dish.