5  Ingredients To Make An Authentic Ramen Bowl
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Ramen is a traditional noodle dish from Japan that has now become one of the star dishes of their nation. The humble flavours of the dish are contained in the broth which can only be achieved by the traditional way of preparing. This age-old dish has grasped the hearts of millions of people across the globe with its warmth, subtle flavours and regional variations. With the amalgamation of various ingredients encasing an array of textures and flavours, this dish comes to life.

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At its core, ramen is a dish defined by its simplicity and complexity in equal measure. The foundation of every bowl is its broth, which serves as the soul of the dish. Traditionally, ramen broth is crafted through hours of simmering bones—typically pork, chicken, or even seafood—with aromatics such as ginger, garlic, and onions. This slow cooking process extracts deep, umami-rich flavours that define authentic ramen. The result is a broth that can range from light and clear to rich and creamy, depending on the regional style and chef's preferences.


Noodles are the soul of an authentic ramen bowl, crucial for its distinct texture and flavor. Traditionally made from wheat flour, water, and kansui (alkaline mineral water), ramen noodles are springy with a chewy bite, designed to complement the rich broth. Their thickness and shape vary regionally, offering a customizable experience. Whether straight or wavy, thin or thick, these noodles soak up the umami broth's essence while retaining their integrity.


Tare is the essential flavour base that defines an authentic ramen bowl. It's meticulously crafted from soy sauce, miso, salt, or a blend of these, creating a rich umami profile. This concentrated sauce is added to the broth just before serving, balancing and enhancing the overall taste experience. Tare sets the foundation for the complex flavours that ramen aficionados crave, complementing the noodles, tender meats, and fresh garnishes.


Stock is the foundational element of an authentic Ramen bowl, crucial for its rich and complex flavours. Typically brewed from pork bones (tonkatsu), chicken (tori), seafood (kombu), or a blend, the stock undergoes hours of simmering to extract deep umami. It serves as the soul of the dish, infusing the noodles and toppings with its savoury essence. A well-made stock balances richness with clarity, enhancing the Ramen's taste profile.


Toppings are crucial in crafting an authentic Ramen bowl, adding depth and character to the dish. From succulent slices of tender chashu pork to marinated soft-boiled eggs with creamy yolks, each topping enhances the rich broth and chewy noodles. Additional elements like crisp nori sheets, crunchy bamboo shoots, and vibrant green onions provide contrasting textures and flavours, elevating every slurp.

Aromatic Oils

Aromatic oils are crucial to crafting an authentic Ramen bowl, elevating its depth and complexity. Infused with garlic, ginger, and scallions in sesame or vegetable oil, these oils impart rich, savoury notes that harmonise with the broth's umami flavours. Drizzled atop the steaming noodles and broth, they release a tantalising aroma that enhances each spoonful. This aromatic addition not only intensifies the dish's taste but also lends a distinct character.