5 Indian Wraps And Rolls That You Ought To Try
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The world is gushing over burrito, shawarma and wraps and we love an occasional bite too. But we also have too many options closer home to completely surrender to what the world has to offer. I mean seriously, name one late evening grub that is as satiating as a Kathi roll, wouldn’t you immediately be salivating at the thought of Mysore Masala Dosa. Here we list down some of our favourite Indian wraps and rolls you ought to try.

1. Kathi Roll

Legend has it that Kathi rolls were invented in Kolkata for a British official who didn’t have time to sit and indulge in Kathi kebabs and Parathas of the Nizam restaurant. So, the chef rolled them up together and the rest, as they say is history. This yummy recipe also has addition of onions, spices and chutney.  

2. Mughlai Paratha

This indulgence wrapped in a deep fried maida paratha. Mughlai paratha is a famous Bengali street food with scrumptious keema and egg filling. To make the experience richer, the paratha is served with kasundi (Bengali mustard sauce), a dry potato sabzi and some salad.

3. Mumbai-Style Frankie

It is loaded, it is juicy, it is delicate, it is decadent. This delish street food is essentially a wrap that comes with a stuffing of caramelized onions, eggs, chutney, potatoes and a lot more.


4. Mysore Masala Dosa

Your regular Masala Dosa got a greasier upgrade. Mysore Masala Dosa is a special Dosa delicacy from Karnataka. A crisp, crepe like Dosa is filled with a smashing mix of potatoes, onions, tomatoes and occasionally paneer. Ghee lends a luscious touch. Here's the recipe.

5. Crunchy Roti Roll

This is every mother’s last resort to feed their children some roti and sabzi, Fussy eaters can be difficult and this is exactly why you need to be extra creative in your kitchen. This simple recipe comes with oodles of nostalgia and has comfort written all over it. Rotis stuffed with mix of eggs, paneer, tomato and onions, this roll is sure to cheer up everyone.