5 Benefits Of Lime Water: Weight Loss, Hydration And More

There are enough studies that explain how essential it is to stay hydrated. If some studies are to be believed, proper hydration can help in reducing headaches, and can even support weight management. Since the human body has 60% to 75% of water, it is quite essential to replenish the system, be it with water, any beverage or any fruit or vegetable. Even though we are aware how essential it is to drink water, it seems a chore. But what we enhance our drinking water experience with a dash of flavour? 

Lime water, also known as lime-infused water or lemon water when using lemons, could be a flavourful way of hydrating the body. Limes are round and green citrus fruits that are loaded with ample beneficial properties for everyday health. Limes have anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties. Not just water, they can also add a zing to the salads, dishes and even cocktails. Amazing, isn’t it? If you too are curious, here are 6 incredible benefits of drinking lime water. Have a look: 

Video credits: Yummy Indian Kitchen/YouTube

Aids Weight Loss 

If some studies are to be believed, combination of water and lime can help with weight management. For some people, drinking lime water before meals has helped in shedding some extra kilos. Lime water might promote a feeling of fullness and eventually help in consumption of fewer calories during the meal.   

Boosts Hydration 

Indeed, lime water could be a tasty and refreshing way to increase the everyday water intake. For smooth bodily functions like digestion, circulation as well as temperature regulation, hydration is essential. And if drinking plain water seems like a task to you, level up your drinking water experience by adding a dash of lime to it. 

Promotes Glowing Skin 

Limes are excellent source of vitamin C which not just supports the immune system but also promotes the production of collagen. Squeezing a lime into regular drinking water can promote healthy and glowing skin. As per studies, it can tighten the skin and even reduce wrinkles as well as fine lines.  

Promotes Digestion 

Apart from its ample benefits, Lime water can help in promoting better digestion. The acidity of lime juice can help in stimulation of the production of digestive enzymes which further helps in the breakdown of food and thus, eases digestion. 

Contain Antioxidant Properties 

Not just vitamin C, limes contain several other antioxidants too that can strengthen the immune system. Besides, it also has anti-inflammatory properties and reduces the risk of several diseases.