5 Homemade Mocktails To Spruce Up Your Day of Love
Image Credit: Courtesy- timetablepnp/Instagram

Valentine’s Day is here and you must be getting ready to make your day as romantic as you can. Even if you want to spend it with your loved ones and family, this is the perfect day to indulge in sinful mocktails to add to the party flavours.

Mocktails are easy to prepare, they look luxurious and lip-smacking and are must-haves especially when you are celebrating love. Take a look at some simple recipes of mocktails that you can make at home to spruce up your day of love.

Watermelon Margarita: Red is the colour of love and to add a reddish tinge to your Valentine’s Day, you can make a simple watermelon margarita. Cut the watermelon into small chunks and blend them in a blender to make a smooth puree. Add about half a cup of lime juice and a few teaspoons of agave and blend them well. Pour into glasses and spruce it up with some cherries and lime and your margarita is ready to savour with your loved ones.

Pina Colada: Pineapple lovers will die to sip this tantalising mocktail made with pineapple, coconut juice and the right amount of syrup. To make it a frozen mocktail, it is best to keep the pineapple refrigerated before you blend its juice well with coconut milk and maple syrup. Deck up the glass with stylish umbrellas for drinks, create the perfect romantic ambience inside your room or terrace and enjoy this romantic mocktail with your lady Love.

Berry Burlesque: Lime juice, honey, black currant puree and mint leaves are all you need to make this royal mocktail blended together and topped with ginger beer and crushed ice for a sinfully delicious drink and a fascinating way to extol your love.

Lime Rickey: Are you both in for some bubbly mocktail with the right proportion of fizz and tanginess to sizzle up your date? If so, the lime rickey is just the thing you would enjoy. You can either use lime and soda water or simply a syrup to add the hint of sugary flavour to the tangy lime juice. You can even go fruity by adding cherries or raspberries. Dip in a hot bath tub and savour this drink together in each other’s arms.

Lemongrass Jasmine Tea: Waiting to celebrate your love after a hectic day at work? Surprise your lady love or prince charming with this refreshing variety of iced tea as a way to feel rejuvenated. With some jasmine tea, a slice of lemon, lychee juice, simple syrup and a few lemongrasses shaken and strained in a glass, topped with crushed ice, you can set the mood to a romantic evening after a long working day.

Preparing mocktails has never been so easy. So, this Valentine’s Day, do try out at least one of these every day. After all, your love is special and one day is not enough to celebrate it.