5 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Summer Tanning
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The summer season is here and we while we get all excited about everything from fresh fruits, juices, fashion and more, the hot weather brings with it a host of skin issues, tanning and sunburn being one of the most prevalent ones. The harsh sun rays during the summer season can damage your skin and dampen the glow. They can burn your skin and reduce its elasticity. While all your sunscreens, sun blocks and anti-tan face packs could help, nothing beats the natural way. Sun screens and other agents do protect the skin from damage to some extent, but since UV ray index is always on the higher side, it affects the skin despite the sun guards and sun screens. This is when natural remedies come in handy. Yes, you read that right. Tanning can also be dealt with in natural ways with the help of several home remedies, that are way easier, and cost-effective than applying all your skincare products!  

These home remedies are nothing but everyday ingredients from your kitchen pantry, and also don’t require one to prepare anything expansive. From simple lemon to tomatoes or turmeric, here are 5 home remedies you can try to get rid of tanning this summer season:  

1. Turmeric   

A powerhouse of nutrients, turmeric contains about 300 antioxidants, which works together to improve uneven skin tone, fight acne, skin tanning pigmentation, etc. You can mix a pinch of turmeric with lemon juice and raw milk, apply it over the tanned area, let it dry and wash.  

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2. Tomato 

Known to be one of the best agents for tan removal, tomato acts as a natural sunscreen, prevents sunburn and repairs skin. It is not just an inexpensive remedy but is also easily available. All you need to do is peel the tomato and use its skin to apply on the affected or tanned area and then wipe it off.  

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3. Lemon  

Abundance of vitamin C makes lemon a perfect natural tan remover! The citric acid present in it helps remove acne and marks. While you can rub a slice of lemon as is, you can also increase its effectiveness by mixing it with honey, turmeric or curd.  

4. Aloe Vera  

Besides being a miraculous ingredient in the world of health, aloe vera is a perfect remedy for skin and hair woes as well! The cooling gel of the plant can be applied as is on the tanned skin, which will not only soothe the sun burnt skin but also reduce the tan.   

5. Curd  

A very effective dead skin remover, curd is a probiotic that helps lighten the skin. You can mix t with gram flour, apply on the face and wash off for a supple, clearer and smooth skin. 

Image: Pixabay