5 Historic Drama-Inspired Desserts Perfect Your Theme Party

Weekends are for taking a pause from the corporate version of yourself and getting back in touch with your friends and family. The best way to unwind and be amongst your loved ones is by throwing a house party. But if you want your weekend to stand out, better make it a theme party.

If you are a fan of historical dramas, you can base your party around your favourite drama, decorate your place, and make themed food before calling your friends over. But even you know the heart of the party is always desserts. So, to make an impression on your weekend party, here are some themed desserts you can try.

Three-Tier Cake - Bridgerton

Dear gentle readers, if you are in awe of Bridgeton’s balls, gowns, Lady Whistledown, and the ton in general, why don’t you create a similar vibe at your house party? With a royal three-tier cake, you can give any party a royal touch. With three cakes of your favourite flavour stacked on top of each other and topped with vanilla icing, you can make your weekend a memorable one.

Strawberry Cupcakes - Pride And Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice is a famous drama written by Jane Austen back in 1813. The romantic drama can be celebrated with strawberry cupcakes that literally depict love. You can make a smooth batter by whisking flour, sugar, eggs, baking powder, chopped strawberries, vanilla essence, and a little salt. They bake them to perfection, ice them, and add little strawberries on top.

English Tea Cakes - Little Women

Little Women is another popular historical drama that has a British setting and revolves around four sisters’ journey from childhood to womanhood. To make your house party look like “Little Women”, you can serve English cakes with freshly prepared tea. Serve it in royal-looking silverware and you’ll have the perfect theme to your party.

Chocolate Mousse - The Three Musketeers

The French drama – The Three Musketeers became so popular that it has its own movie adaptations to reach all the audience segments. While you can decorate your house to suit the adventures of the musketeers, don’t forget to celebrate their victories by making chocolate mousse. The rich dessert made by whisking melted chocolate with whipped cream would be the most indulgent to suit the theme.

Champagne Sorbet - Queen Charlotte

Queen Charlotte is a drama that is a prequel to the popular series Bridgerton. To align your house party with the vibe of Queen Charlotte, making champagne sorbet would be the best option. After blending your favourite fruit, you can churn it with sugar and a squeeze of lemon. Once you get the desired consistency, mix in champagne and freeze the sorbet to perfection and give your party a boozy twist.