5 High School Musical-Inspired Desserts To Relive Your Childhood

Among Disney’s most cherished films is High School Musical starring Vanessa Hudgens, Zac Effron, Corbin Bleu, Ashley Tisdale, and Lucas Grabeel among others. The film has everything that teenagers can relate to. Romance, drama, music, and friendship. Gen Zs and millennials were swooned by the chilling and dramatic life that the characters in the film lived.

Video Credit: Bake With Shivesh/ YouTube

If you are organising a party for old friends or want to relive your childhood days, make desserts inspired by the theme and characters of the film. It will be a fun way to indulge yourself in baking and furnish your skills too. Here are a few ideas that you can try out.

Sharpay’s Microphone Cake

When people watched the High School Musical, they all aspired to own Sharpay’s sparkly microphone that added a charm to her personality and made her appear more confident. You will definitely need to use a lot of fondant, but it will all be worth it in the end.

Make a cylindrical cake, and cut it into the shape of a microphone. Add edible jewels and sparkles on the surface while adding more details with carvings and stars. You can keep the flavour of the cake vanilla or chocolate if you and your friends love it.

Basketball Cake

One of the characters that stole the limelight of the film was basketball. There were many songs shot on the basketball court. Why not jolt your memory by making a basketball cake? It might be a little tricky to ensure a spherical cake remains standing, but you can make a few edits.

If you cannot get the shape right, you can make a disoriented basketball and decorate it with fondant. You can also make an orange-flavoured cake and decorate the top by placing small basketballs made with fondant. It could be a good surprise for you and your friends if you have ever been a part of the basketball team in your school.

High School Musical Cupcakes

Do you remember the colour of the jersey that the basketball team in High School Musical wore? It was red and white. One of the easiest desserts inspired by it could be cupcakes. These delights will be gone as soon as you introduce them to your guests. 

Make cupcakes in the flavour you like the most. It could be chocolate, vanilla, fruity, butterscotch, red velvet, etc. You have to add the magic with red and white coloured frosting. Some cupcakes can be red, some can be red and white, and some can be just white. 

Zeke’s Creme Brulee

People adored Zeke not just because he was humble, kind, and friendly, but also because he was a pro baker who used to make delights and shared them with his peers. He made scones, cookies, and whatnot. Seeing him work through the kitchen can make anyone crave sweet dishes.

In the film, he was also seen making creme brulee. You can try your hands at it too. You will need eggs, double cream, caster sugar, whole milk, and vanilla pod. Make these once, and your guests will be behind you for the recipe.

Basketball Cookies

Another quick idea for a High School Musical-inspired dessert is basketball cookies. This could be a fun way to impress your friends. Moreover, you can make old boring cookies look fun and irresistible in a gathering of people.

Bake chocolate, coconut, or any other kind of cookie you like. Allow it to rest and cool off. Add melted orange candy on the top in a circular shape and let the cookies refrigerate. Use a piping bag to make black lines like you see on a basketball.