5 Healthy Ways To Have Yogurt In Summer

With people becoming more conscious about their health, there are some basic ingredients that have started gaining popularity. Among the products that are a part of every healthy diet is yogurt. With high calcium and protein content, yogurt is made up from milk’s bacterial fermentation. If you think that curd and yogurt are the same, you are wrong. Both yogurt and curd may look similar, but the difference lies in their making process. You didn’t know this, did you? 

Known for its high nutritional value, yogurt has a high content of calcium, magnesium, potassium as well as other minerals. Not just it helps strengthening immune system and also promotes better digestion. It is also good for weight management as well as healthy heart. Since the best time for eating yogurt is here, let us take you through five healthy ways to enjoy yogurt. Believe me, after going through this article, you will be able to enjoy yogurt to the fullest! 


Yogurt is considered an ideal ingredient for making smoothies. Not just is it rich in protein but other minerals like calcium as well as phosphorus. Smoothies made up of yogurt make up for a filling breakfast or snack. It can provide the right amount of calcium and vitamin B 12 to the body. 


So many irresistibly delicious desserts use cream as the main ingredient and thus, many people avoid using it fearing weight gain. But did you know that you can replace cream with yogurt in many desserts. Especially in desserts like parfait as well as baking, yogurt can be a perfect substitute. 


Did you know that yogurt is a perfect ingredient to be used in dips, salads as well as soups. And especially the soups are a place where they can actually shine. Yogurt can actually make the soup thicker, creamier, as well as healthier. When used instead of sour cream, its tanginess can give a new dimension to the soup. 


Who on this planet can say no to ice cream? When mixed with fresh fruits, yogurt can make up for a delicious healthy ice cream. To make this soothing dessert, you just have some yogurt and fresh fruits. Blend them into a smooth mixture and freeze. Believe me, you are going to love it! 

Sour Cream 

This may not be a particular summer thing but believe me, this could be a hack for a lifetime. Instead of sour cream, you can actually add a lot of vitamins to your plate in the form of yogurt. Be it a salad or some baked potatoes, this hack will work everywhere. 

What say? Did you know about these interesting ways to have yogurt?? Share your experience!