5 Healthy Summer Smoothies To Quickly Whip In A Blender

You wake up in the morning and realise there are not enough ingredients in the pantry to whip up an entire meal. In such a case, a glass of smoothie is all you need. It is a perfectly nutritious meal that students and bachelors can make without help from an elder or cook. You have to pick your favourite ingredients and blend them to create an elixir that will fuel your body to get through a hectic day. Smoothies act as meal replacements post-evening workout sessions too.

To make a healthy glass of smoothie, you need a blender with powerful and sharp blades like Glen’s Active-Blender Grinder. With a power requirement of 350W, it blends fast with two interchangeable SS blades. The appliance comes with two unbreakable food-grade jars that you can use to grind a variety of ingredients. Here are a few different kinds of smoothies you can whip up using this grinder.

Watermelon Mint Smoothie

Watermelon and mint make the most refreshing combination in summer. Start your morning with this smoothie to begin your day in a good mood. To make it, start by adding deseeded cubes of watermelon, lemon juice, and a handful of mint leaves. Add a teaspoon of honey to balance the tangy notes, and grind the ingredients. Pour the smoothie into a glass and relish it as is, or pair it with a hearty meal.

Cucumber Melon Smoothie

In summer, you need to include hydrating ingredients not just in your smoothie but also in meals. There is nothing more hydrating than melon and cucumber. To the grinder, add diced melons, mint leaves, cucumber slices, and lemon juice. Blend the ingredients into a smooth concoction and pour it into a glass. You can garnish the smoothie with fresh mint leaves and enjoy.

Berry Blast Smoothie

In summer, you can easily get your hands on a variety of berries, including strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries. Add them to Glen’s Active-Blender Grinder along with yoghurt and a splash of orange juice. After blending the berries, pour the smoothie into a glass and enjoy it. This drink is nourishing and fulfilling, which is what you need before going to the office or after an intense workout session.

Peach Ginger Smoothie

Peaches are currently available in abundance in the farmer’s market. It adds sweet and tangy notes, while ginger adds a kick to the smoothie. Take a handful of deseeded peaches and blend them with almond milk, ginger, and a tablespoon of honey. You can also add lemon zest for a hint of freshness. You can drink this smoothie with omelette, toast, and bread-butter in the morning.

Avocado Banana Smoothie

Avocado and banana blend quite seamlessly. You can add both the ingredients to the grinder along with almond milk and spinach. Add some fresh cream and honey to smoothen the texture. This smoothie is a perfect meal replacement in the evening post-workout when you are hungry but do not wish to kill your appetite for dinner. You can also start your day with this drink if you are running late for work and have no time to prepare a meal.