5 Hannah Montana-Inspired Desserts For Millennials And Gen Zs

In the mid-2000s, one of the most popular American sitcoms that kept both millennials and Gen Zs hooked to the idiot box was Hannah Montana. Starring Miley Stewart as the lead, the show was about a teenage pop singer, Hannah Montana. She hid her original name, Miley Cyrus, from the world in order to lead a normal life, go to school, and stay with her high school friends.

Video Credit: Aparna's Recipes/ YouTube

The teenage drama created a fantasy world in every child’s head, and hence, Miley Stewart rose to fame. If you are a part of millennials or Gen Zs who have been fans of the show and know its title track, ‘Best of Both Worlds', by heart, here are a few dessert ideas inspired by the sitcom that you can add to the menu.

Music Cake

The show was a hit among teenagers and the new generation back then. They used to play games where they were signing at concerts and having the time of their life. You can bake a multi-layer cake, use edible glitter to decorate it and use fondant to add elements like a mic, blonde wig, musical notes, and Hannah Montana banner. You can even use a popping bag to write lyrics of the popular songs from the sitcom.

Cake Pops

Cake pops are mess-free desserts that are perfect for a theme party. You can ensure that there is a minimal amount of spilling around the house while everyone dances and indulges in sugary pops. Taking inspiration from Hannah Montana, you can make these pops colourful like the teenage pop star’s wardrobe or coat them in vibrant edible glitter to mimic the mesmerising light on the stage during concerts.

Colourful Cupcakes

Do you remember the episode when Lily, Miley’s childhood friend, finds out about her secret? She went crazy after her wardrobe, which consisted of vibrant dresses and a few props. Inspired by her chic clothing and accessory collection, you can make cupcakes. Depending on your choice, you can either make the batter multicoloured or the frosting. If you go with colourful frosting, it will make the dessert more irresistible for your guests.

Pop Up Cake

Much like the secrets of Miley Cyrus, you can bake a cake and hide elements inspired by the show in it. After baking a multi-tier cake, use a pipe to cut a hole in the middle. Fill it with glittery rum balls, truffles, musical notes made with fondant or cookie batter, colourful chocolates, and more. As soon as the cake is cut, the surprising elements will leave your guests astonished with your creativity. 

Rainbow Jello Cups

Jelly is another dessert that is sure to strike a chord with many millennials and Gen Zs. It used to be one of the favourite delights for many children visiting confectioneries in the late 90s and mid-2000s. Inspired by Hannah Montana, you can create rainbow jello cups. Start by preparing multi-coloured jelly and layer it in a clear container. The rainbow effect will make it the star of the menu.