5 Foods You Must Never Put In Blenders
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Most of us have blenders at our home. We use blenders for a variety of purposes like mixing spices, making smoothies, dips, chutneys and whatnot. It is one of the most used and practical kitchen equipment that comes in handy for a lot of purposes. We have become so used to using this device that without any hesitation, we blend almost everything into this device. But to your surprise, there is a list of food items that you must never put in your food blender. Not only does the flavour of these food items get affected, but also it may ruin your equipment. Let's have a look at five such foods that you must never put in your blender.

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* Frozen Food

Frozen fruits like strawberries, blueberries, vegetables or anything frozen should never be put in the blender directly. The hard texture of these food items makes it difficult for the blender blade to break them up and it may lead to a fault in the equipment. Chances are high that the food will not get blended properly and you will end up having big chunks of fruits or vegetables in your final dish. The best way to blend frozen fruits and vegetables in your blender is by first, letting them cool down at room temperature.

* Potatoes 

Potatoes are enjoyed in a lot of different ways by people. People who like eating mashed potatoes and blend potatoes in a blender as it is more convenient. But this may make things more complicated for you than being an easy way to do something. Potatoes have a lot of stored starch and whenever they come in contact with the blades of a blender that are moving rapidly, they might end up releasing even more starch. This will create a lot of mess and you will not get a fine blend of potatoes. So instead of blending boiled potatoes in a blender, we advise you to do it with the help of a fork or potato ricer yourself. This will make a more uniform blend.

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* Food With a Strong Odour

Any food that has a very pungent smell should never be put in a blender. A lot of us make the common mistake of putting onions, garlic and ginger in a blender to make different types of purée. But what we don't know is that these ingredients leave a very strong odour behind. It might become very difficult to get rid of this odour by simple cleaning and anything that you blend afterwards in the equipment will get the same odour. This is why it is better to have a different small chopper for these purposes that can be cleaned separately.

* Dough

If you are someone who likes using a blender to mix dough then you are probably making a very big mistake. It might be a short-term resolution to save some time and get rid of the mess of kneading dough but surely it is not a long-term solution for anything. Blender blades do not have the effective strength to mix all the ingredients of a dough completely. A lot of time some particles of the dough might remain stuck to some part of the blade or the blender. It will then affect any other food that you blend into the equipment. Also, it becomes extremely difficult to clean the blender after mixing dough in the equipment.

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* Hot Food

Blending hot food in a blender is also not a very good idea. People often put hot purée and gravy directly into the blender to make them smooth. But due to the creation of exes, steam and pressure, it may lead to the exploding of the blender making the whole process very dangerous. This is why you must let a particular food cool down for a bit and then only put it inside the blender. Putting excessively cold or excessively hot food in a blender is very dangerous and you should not do either of them.

Make sure that you do not do any of these things and avoid putting these kinds of food in your blender. These things might be harmful to your appliance in the long run and also disrupt the flavour of your food.