5 Foods To Eat For Luck When You're Having A Bad Time
Image Credit: Unsplash

Accept that no one is perfect, even with the amount of effort we put in, there are moments when nothing goes right and a sinking feeling takes over. However, it is critical not to become disheartened when nothing appears to be going in the correct way. One should constantly be positive and maintain a favourable perspective about how well one can clear the path ahead during such difficult conditions. Aside from a positive attitude, it is critical to consume a diet that might help you relax.

If you are struggling in life and want to pave the way for a prosperous future, you must consume these foods. They may not immediately show you the results, but they are fruitful in their own right.

1. Green Cardamom

This spice is known as the "Queen of Spices" since it gives a fragrant flavour to any meal. This spice is a natural relaxant and is related to the planet Venus. This spice is also thought to help with memory. Cardamom energy has the ability to cut through the complexity of a busy mind, producing more clarity and helping to lighten heavy and melancholy thoughts.

If you look attentively, the shape of the cardamom resembles an eye. It represents the third eye, which is sometimes referred to as the portal to spirituality and the unknown in Astro jargon. And, if you eat cardamom on a regular basis, it increases your intuitive skills, allowing you to make better decisions, which leads to more prospects for advancement. Its green colour also represents its third eye (farsightedness) for materialistic elements. It is advised to take this spice in order to attract professional and growth chances.

2. Turmeric Powder

Turmeric is one of the most appropriate spices and substances with Jupiter, according to Hindu legends. Jupiter, the powerful representative of prosperity, fortune, and money in your birth chart, must be favourable to you. It is known as Haridra in Sanskrit and is one of the most essential spices used in Indian cuisine, as well as having medicinal benefits. Turmeric is incredibly significant in any ceremony and is frequently used to draw great benefits from the planet Jupiter, which is renowned as the planet of riches and good fortune. To welcome richness and fortune into one's life, one should include turmeric in their diet. Add a pinch of this yellow spice to your savoury dishes to make Jupiter happy. It will not only add colour, but it will also invite Jupiter to come in a better position. Furthermore, turmeric has the therapeutic ability to boost immunity.

3. Banana

This fruit is extremely nutrient-dense and can be consumed on a daily basis for improved health. However, in terms of astrological significance, a banana is considered to bring harmony into one's life. This is one of Lord Vishnu's favourite fruits, and he is renowned as the world's operator. He manages all of our family and home affairs, which is why praying to Lord Vishnu while eating his favourite fruit instinctively aids us in manifesting his blessings for our joyful worldly relationships. As a result, it is advised that anyone experiencing difficulties in family and love matters consume a banana. This can lead to improved relationships among family members.

4. Curd With Sugar

A typical Hindu tradition is to eat curd and sugar before major events. This is done to bring good luck and to manage mood swings so that the mind functions properly. This amazing combination has a greater scientific impact than a spiritual one. According to Ayurveda, the curd is a coolant that relieves tension and stress, and sugar converts to glucose to provide energy. Curd also promotes intestinal bacteria, which might benefit a person's mental health. So, in stressful situations such as exams, interviews, and meetings, eating curd with sugar helps your body operate effectively under pressure. Eating with good intentions is often considered lucky. Consume some Dahi Shakkar if you are going through a difficult time.

5. Black Pepper

These microscopic seeds are thought to be very vital and to be the tiniest food with a great deal of power. It is thought to be related to Saturn in terms of astrological benefits. Saturn is the ruler of Karma, thus any negative Karma or energy directed at you will be repelled by Saturn's protection. If you are low in energy or sense any negative energy dynamics around you, sprinkle black pepper on your food. A pinch of it in your normal food keeps Saturn strong, allowing good karmas to be granted quickly and evil karmas to be blocked.