5 Foods That Cause Gas & Acidity Problems Early In The Morning
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Breakfast is undoubtedly the most important meal of the day. A person technically breaks their fast of 8 to 9 hours and gets ready for the rest of the day. Generally, the cusp between breakfast and lunch is quite wide, which is why it is important to have a heavy breakfast. Breakfast should be the healthiest meal of the day that is full of nutrition. 

Eating the wrong kind of breakfast can trigger a lot of health related problems from bloating to gas. A lot of times people end up eating the wrong kind of food at breakfast thinking that it is extremely healthy. But in reality, that particular kind of food is creating problems in the stomach and causing gas. 

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Here are some of the top foods that one must avoid eating in the morning if they do not want to encounter the problem of gas or bloating.

* Apples And Pears

Most people think that eating fresh fruits in the morning is an extremely good start to the day. But in reality, eating fruits like apples and pears as the first meal of the day can trigger gas-related problems in the stomach. This is because both these fruits have a high level of fibre and fructose content. It may lead to bloating and the food might not get digested properly. Instead one can have both apples and pears as a pre-workout meal as they give the body the necessary energy to work out or do some laborious work. A healthy fruit that can be consumed first thing in the morning can be a handful of berries or grapes as they are high in antioxidants.

* Raw Onions 

Eating raw onions with lunch or dinner in small quantities is beneficial for health. But eating onions as the first thing in the morning for breakfast is a very wrong way to start the day. Onions and cucumbers can trigger gas in the body and may be very hard to digest as the first thing in the morning. For breakfast, it is always better to eat the kind of food that is more digestible. One should go for cooked vegetables and avoid raw vegetables as they are not that easy to digest. Adding some chopped onions to the poha is not harmful since the process involves cooking the onions. But eating raw onions and cucumbers should be avoided.

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* Drinking Too Much Tea

Drinking too much tea can also be extremely problematic as it may lead to the stimulation of different types of acids in the body. The same goes for coffee. Even though both tea and coffee give the body a sudden and refreshing recharge, drinking either of the two as first things in the morning on an empty stomach is not a good idea. The right way of drinking tea or coffee is by eating something substantial first, and then drinking them. This will not lead to acidity or gas-related problems.

* Cauliflower And Cabbage

Cauliflower which is called Gobi in India is a popular vegetable that is used to make parathas. Gobi Paratha is a very famous delicacy in India and is made a lot during the winter season. Cabbage is also frequently used in making sandwiches which is a popular breakfast option. What people don't know is that both these vegetables are very high in complex carbohydrates. Generally, it is very hard for the body to digest these kinds of vegetables as the first thing in the morning. Due to improper digestion, gas might be created in the stomach that will further trigger other digestive problems. A better option to eat early in the morning is zucchini or spinach or some lighter vegetables like carrots and peas. These must be cooked properly before eating.

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* Breakfast Cereals

It is quite ironic that the very product that has been marketed for years under the blanket of being the perfect breakfast option is the most unhealthy food that one can choose. Breakfast cereals are an extremely unhealthy choice as they are high in sugar and carbohydrates. Also most of the cereals are made from corn which is again an unhealthy choice for breakfast as it is high in fibre and not very easy to digest. Corn may trigger digestive discomfort in the body. Some other alternatives for corn can be softer grains like quinoa, dalia and boiled pulses.

These are some of the top foods that one must avoid eating early in the morning to not face any digestive or gas-related problems.