5 Food Swaps To Enjoy Summer In A Healthier Way
Image Credit: Unsplash

Your body is impacted by everything you consume; thus, your diet becomes the most significant factor in determining your overall health. That is precisely what the saying "Food is medicine" teaches you. You don't have to change anything about your diet; all you need to do is replace your typical meals with better ones to ensure that your diet remains the same but includes healthier options.

Summertime brings poolside popsicles and pleasant evenings with ice cream. It might be easy to lose sight of whatever dietary objectives you may have set for yourself with all that excitement. While indulging in ice cream is perfectly OK, you can balance your summertime pleasure and keep up good habits by using these nutritious summertime substitutions.

Swap Sugary Treats For Some Fruits

Delicious fruits that are in season and ideal as a stand-alone snack are apricots, peaches, cherries, and plums. Mango and papaya are wonderful additions to salads and salsas. With green beans, cherry tomatoes, Thai pepper, cilantro and onions, a Thai green papaya salad is a fantastic, well-rounded choice. It is finished with sweetness, protein-rich prawns and a scattering of peanuts. Adding fruits to dishes, such as this green papaya salad, may significantly brighten your day. Fresh herbs and vegetables go better with naturally sweet flavours that awaken the taste senses than your typical Greek or Caesar salad.

Swap Packaged Juices Or Sodas For Herbal Drinks

This is the season of bountiful fresh herbs, whether from your own backyard or window garden or from the market. Instead, utilise them creatively to enrich your beverages and extend their utility beyond your meals. For a little taste boost in your water or iced tea, try adding a small pinch of lemon verbena or thyme. Even better, you could make a pitcher of hibiscus tea and sip on it all week. Retaining a healthy lifestyle requires enough hydration. If you're not a big fan of water, drinking infused water or iced herbal tea might make staying hydrated more enjoyable.

Swap Mayonnaise For Greek Yoghurt

Creamy Greek yoghurt is flexible and can help you make fast parfaits or salad dressings. It's fantastic all day, from breakfast to dessert. If you're craving something sweet, top your Greek yoghurt with grilled stone fruit, homemade granola or chocolate nibs, and fresh herbs. If you like savoury dishes, try making tzatziki and serving it with grilled chicken or fish. Not only that, yoghurt can also be used in popular summer beverages like Lassi and Chaas to enhance hydration and cool down your body.

Swap Fried Food For Baked Food

Satisfy your hunger for crunchy snacks without sacrificing your health. Try switching to healthier baked meals in place of your favourite fried ones throughout the summer, as fried food may be hard to digest. Snacking on baked sweet potato fries, spinach chips, or whole-grain crackers will provide you with a gratifying crunch. These options not only serve you a satisfying snack, but they also lower your intake of bad fats.

Swap Processed Meats For Fresh Cuts

You should steer clear of processed meats like sausages and bacon at all costs since they undergo processes including fermenting, curing, and salting. To increase its shelf life, this type of meat has undergone modifications. Opt for a leaner, fresher cut, such as chicken or fish. Naturally, it will include more low-fat protein and support the growth of those muscles.