5 Food Items For Healthy And Thick Hair
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Nearly everyone wishes they had long, thick, lustrous hair, but not everyone is able to achieve this. Naturally, it's necessary to maintain a healthy scalp, but it's also crucial to pay attention to your food. Hair that is dry, frizzy, smooth, or silky is an indication of good internal health. To grow your hair long and strong, the cells that make up each strand, which contain the tough protein keratin, need to be continuously supplied with vitamins and minerals. You must without a doubt include the items we've recommended for hair growth in your everyday diet. What is the finest meal to eat for healthy hair to encourage rapid growth?


Since protein is a component of hair, it's crucial to make sure your diet contains enough of it. The protein that makes up hair is called protein, and one of the best natural sources of protein is eggs.

Dark green leafy vegetables

Your hair cells require iron since it is a necessary mineral. In actuality, a lack of iron in the body can result in hair loss. Oxygen and nutrients are not properly carried to the hair roots and follicles when your body is low on iron, which can impede growth and cause your strands to become brittle.

Citrus Fruits and vegetable

Citrus fruits should be a part of your diet since your body needs vitamin C to absorb iron. Nutritionists advise consuming one lime everyday to get your recommended daily intake of vitamin C. You only need to prepare a cold glass of nimbu paani to solve the problem. Oranges are another option. Vitamin C is also necessary for the synthesis of collagen, which strengthens the capillaries that connect to the hair shafts and ensures constant nutrient supply and rapid hair development.

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Omega-3 fatty acids encourage thickening by nourishing the hair. These good fats must come from your food because your body cannot make them. Omega-3 fatty acids are abundant in almonds and walnuts. Similar to this, flaxseeds can provide your hair with the necessary fats while also acting as a healthy mid-meal snack.


For rapid hair growth, consume carrot juice daily. The body's fastest-growing tissues are found in the hair, and each cell needs vitamin A to flourish. Additionally, it aids in the production of the natural sebum oil that keeps the roots and the scalp healthy and promotes hair growth.