5 Food And Drink Hacks To Survive The Indian Heat Wave
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It’s 2023 and one of the worst things everybody living in India has to face is a summer where the heat waves are getting more intense than ever before. The Indian weather department has already reported that we have had the hottest February since 1901, and as we roll into April and May, this heat is expected to get worse. Large parts of India are already facing extreme weather conditions that are increasingly claiming lives. Schools are getting shut to protect children from this extreme heat and government directives are being given to prevent people from stepping out during the peak heat-packed hours of the day, which are the afternoons. 

In the midst of all this, it is very important to focus on nutrition and wellness. Eating and drinking the right things and avoiding the wrong things can help anybody survive the cruel Indian heat wave. The best way to do this is to follow a number of guidelines as to what to eat and what to drink. Wondering what these food and drink survival hacks include? Take a look below. 

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Drink Plenty Of Water 

Water is the key to surviving Indian summers, especially the heat waves. Whether you feel thirsty or not, drinking water—and plenty of it that too—is vital during summers. The trick to this one is not only quantity but also frequency, meaning that drinking water regularly, say every 10-15 minutes, can prevent dehydration and heat stroke. If you are travelling, carrying enough water is essential. 

Avoid Dehydrating Beverages 

As much as you might like their taste or the effect they have on your taste buds, the fact remains that some beverages we love do much more harm than good during peak summers and heat waves. This list includes coffee, tea, alcohol, aerated drinks and sugary drinks. This means that not only are cocktails and hot beverages out of the question, but so are pre-packaged sugary drinks like iced tea mixes, fruit juices, cocktail or mocktail mixes.  


There is perhaps nothing in the world that helps maintain hydration and electrolyte levels in the body more than oral rehydration solution or ORS. Made with the perfect balance of salt and sugar, this beverage needs to be in stock in your pantry throughout Indian summers. If your area is going through a particularly bad bout of heat waves, then mixing ORS with your water and drinking it frequently is of utmost importance.  

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Avoid High-Protein Food

Yes, protein is definitely a nutrient we all need for good health and survival, but during summer months, these foods—whether it is a simple chicken curry, a rich mutton curry, a yakhni pulao or a biryani—can generate excessive body heat. This not only leads to dehydration but may also lead to stomach ailments which can exacerbate the fluid loss from the body. So, rely on low-protein foods during summer and avoid high-protein foods as much as possible.  

Rely On Yoghurt

Yoghurt, also known as curd or dahi, is one of the most important foods you can rely on during heat waves. Not only is yoghurt rehydrating but also provides plenty of calcium and minerals to keep the body healthy and functioning well. At the same time, yoghurt is also a probiotic and helps regulate the stomach and digestion. Get plenty of yoghurt not only in its natural form, but also in chaas, lassi, smoothies and other Indian summer beverages.