5 Flinstones-Inspired Party Desserts Every Millennial Will Love

Ask a millennial about cartoons in the 90s, and they will remember Flintstones on Cartoon Network. The characters were set in the stone age, leading simple life, and enjoying every bit of nature. Their houses were made of stone, portraying structures of caves, and vehicles had wheels cut from stones. From jewellery to furniture, everything in the surroundings, except for living beings, was made of stones.

Video Credit: Your Food Lab/ YouTube

One of the delightful aspects of the show was dinosaurs as pets. At the centre of the show was a family - Fred, Welma, Pebbles, and Dino. The catchphrase 'ýabba-dabba-doo’ can still make a millennial live in the nostalgia of the 90s. If you are throwing a party, here are Flintstones-themed desserts that are perfect for the menu. 

Strawberry Cake With Jell-O Toppings

If you remember the show, there used to be a lot of jelly-based desserts. One of the ways to incorporate the memory in modern baked goods is by preparing a chocolate or strawberry cake with a Jell-O topping. You can even find moulds shaped like characters from Flintstones, fill them with gelatin, refrigerate them, and use them to decorate the cake. Even children in the house will be impressed with this kind of creativity.

Banana Split

The cartoons in the 90s were quite simple. The desserts shown in the show had a base and irresistible topping that used to make every child droop. To replicate it, you can slice a banana and place it on the place. Take one scoop of every ice cream you like, including chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and blueberry, and add it to the top of the banana. Sprinkle crushed almonds and cashews on the top. Drizzle chocolate syrup add whipped cream on top, and serve the delight.

Dinosaur Cookies

There is nothing better than serving animal-shaped cookies at a children’s party. You can easily find cookie cutters or moulds in the shape of dinosaurs online. Once the dough is ready, add the mould to the baking tray, arrange the dough in it to make it look like a dinosaur, and bake it in the oven for 15-20 minutes. Once the cookies are ready, you can decorate them using royal icing.


You can take inspiration from Flintstones to design cupcakes. After baking cupcakes of your favourite choice, you can top them with jello-O shaped like one of the characters. You can add edible dinosaurs on the top or even make stone-age cars and jewellery to make the cupcakes more irresistible. You can watch a few more episodes to find inspiration for decoration.

Pebble Bars

Just like truffles, you can make pebble bars using chocolate and butter. You can also add mini marshmallows to the mix to add a twist to the recipe. Once you have combined the ingredients in the desired consistency, you can coat them with colourful royal icing instead of cocoa powder. After refrigerating for some time, pebble bars will be ready to decorate the centre of your dining table.