5 Exciting Ways To Savour Gawar Phalli This Winter
Image Credit: Pixabay

The Cluster Beans or Gawar ki phalli is among the most savoured winter vegetables in India and apart from its sabji, this versatile vegetable can be made in several different ways to make meals more flavourful.

Gawar ki phalli is a staple food of Rajasthani cuisine. Known for its iconic taste, Gawar ki phalli also contains vital nutrients that impart warmth to the body. These simple looks hide more flavours in them and can be used to prepare a number of delectable dishes. Be it a simple stir fry or a spicy curry, the cluster beans pair well with any spice and any texture.

Despite being so good, it is not very popular among many adults and children. For those who are looking for a solution to include this winter food in children's diet, these five recipe options will be the best dishes to try including the goodness of Gawar phalli in meals.

5 Easy Gawar Phalli Recipes To Try

1) Gawar Phalli Ki Sabji

This is a widely known recipe of Gawar phalli, made in almost every home in India. This dish tastes the best when paired with roti. It creates a comforting meal option for any time of the day and when prepared with a little addition of coconut shreds can result in a delightful texture and nutty flavour.

2) Gawar Phalli Salan

Gawar phalli Salan is a staple of Hyderabadi cuisine, most widely eaten in every household in the city. This dish is often prepared with roasted sesame seeds ground to a fine powder. It gains its characteristic look by its creamy gravy, prepared with spices and vegetables. It is then slowly simmered until all the beans get mushy. Those who like some non-veg addition can add mashed meats. This dish is then paired with garlic naan and creates a lasting impression.

3) Gawar Phalli Pulao

Adding Gawar phalli to pulao might sound like something new, but has been secretly glorifying the pulao recipes for a long time now. Gawar phalli has been a delectable addition to pulao vegetables, adding a soothing bite to the dish and enhancing the overall flavours. It is a famous food of the Konkan Region of Maharashtra and it tastes even better with the use of regional spices and coastal ingredients like coconut.

4) Gawar Phalli Thecha

Gawar phalli Thecha is a popular delicacy of Maharashtrian cuisine. The rawness of Gawar phalli when paired with the spiciness of Chillies creates a great fusion of both flavours. It is best paired with Jhunka Bhakar. The raw flavours keep this thecha fresh and make it a flavourful addition to other bland dishes. This spicy thecha will certainly make your chilly winters warmer.

5) Gawar Phalli Kadhi

This is another delicacy of Rajasthan made with Gawar phalli. This kadhi is made with a little addition of besan and warm spices like ajwain, methi, mustard seeds and ginger. This kadhi is a spicy variation of normal kadhi in which Gawar phalli is added as a biting element due to its warm potency. When paired with cooked rice, this kadhi makes a wholesome winter meal.

These five Gawar phalli recipes can make your winter meals even more flavoursome and memorable. Before using Gawar phalli in cooking, make sure it is washed thoroughly and both the hard ends are chopped off. Some might prefer blanching it before cooking, but adding it directly to the dish can give a delightful bite.