5 Essential Tips To Help You Remove Excess Oil From Your Food
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It is quite frequent to end up adding some ingredients more than they are required such as salt, masalas and more while cooking. One of the ingredients that is very important in Indian cuisine is oil which also happens to be an ingredient that is quite commonly used more than is required. But despite how delicious and rich the flavours get, is that much oil really worth it considering its effects on health? Adding too much oil adds to the overall calorie content of the meals which later leads to weight gain and other health problems.

Although it is advised to use less oil in the first place if you end up adding more, we bring you the best tips that will help you adjust and eliminate excess oil from your meals in this article.

Absorbent Paper Towels

This easy yet effective method is a common practice in many households all over the world. It is understandable if you made some quick pakoras, vadas, or fries to curb those cravings. But once you are done frying, simply place the fried food on an absorbent paper towel that will help absorb the oil that is on the surface of the food. Not only that, you can also use this for veggies.

Switch To Baking

This is one of the most effective ways to reduce oil consumption from your diet. Simply start incorporating more baking recipes in place of frying as baking requires very limited oil and is considered a healthier cooking technique. For example, you can make baked chicken instead of fried chicken nuggets or bites.

Use Non-Stick Cookware

Another crucial thing to decrease oil consumption is to switch your old pans with non-stick cookware. This is simply because foods don't stick on non-stick cookware so you need less oil and no excess greasing is required.

Take It Out With A Ladle

Many times you see a layer of oil floating on top of curries that makes you question whether you should eat it or not no matter how delicious the curry looks. To remove the extra oil, simply use a ladle and press it against the dish. This will help the oil to collect in the ladle, this way you can eliminate the oil and enjoy your favourite curries in a guilt-free manner.

Sauté Using Water Or Broth

Traditionally, veggies are sautéed with a little oil to impart some flavour as well as smoothness to the dry vegetables. Even though the oil in this case isn't used in excess you can still eliminate it if you want.

In place of oil, use water or broth to sauté the veggies. Water may not add any additional flavour but if you are using broth, it will impart a savoury flavour to the veggies and proteins without the added calories that come up with oil.