5 Eating Habits That Might Be Causing Inflammation In Your Body
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Inflammation can lead to an excessive feeling of discomfort in the body that prevents us from doing our regular chores. There are a lot of times we feel swollen and achy in our stomach after eating a certain type of food. Most of us have experienced this at least once in a lifetime, irrespective of the fact that it was short-term or long-term. Sometimes this becomes better with time but in a lot of instances, proper medical assistance has to be taken. Many people also face chronic inflammation which is even more problematic. One of the most common reasons for facing inflammation is disturbed dietary practices. Today we will discuss five common eating habits that are a major cause of inflammation among people.

* Eating A Lot Of Sugar

Eating a lot of sugar can cause discomfort in your stomach. Most of us eat a lot of sugar and do not know where to put a stop to the binging. Also, there is a natural level of sugar present in most of our meals and other food items that we eat. So the overall level of sugar present in our diet becomes extremely high if we eat large quantities of desserts after every meal. A high quantity of sugar is directly associated with heart diseases like diabetes, obesity, inflammatory problems and bowel-related problems. It can also cause a low grade of chronic inflammation in the body. Always keep a check on the quantity of sugar that is present in your diet as it can contribute towards more problems than one might imagine.

* Eating A Lot Of Processed Food

Eating excess processed food might be another reason why you are facing inflammation-related problems in your body. If your diet has fewer quantities of fresh vegetables and more quantity of processed food like meat and other high-sodium products, then the probability of having inflammation is always higher. As per a report published in the Clinical Nutrition Journal, increased consumption of processed food can always increase the chances of chronic inflammation in the body. Regular intake of processed food that contains artificial additives and refined ingredients can disturb the digestive function of your body as well.

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* Not Having Enough Vegetables In The Diet

Not eating enough vegetables and fibrous food can also be a reason why you are experiencing inflammation. Our body requires vegetables and fibre for better digestion. Low quantities of fibre in our body can lead to disrupted digestion. A higher intake of fruits and vegetables can significantly enhance the immune cell profiles in a body. Also taking a well-balanced diet is a great way to ensure a better immunity against inflammation. Fresh fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants that have anti-inflammatory properties. This improves the overall health of your body and protects it from a lot of health problems.

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* Eating Too Much Gluten

Eating too much gluten might be another reason why you are having severe stomach aches. Gluten is a type of protein which is found in multiple grains like wheat. It is also present in famous food options like pizza, bread and cereal. Although a lot of people have the needed enzymes to break down gluten in the body, many people are also allergic to gluten and they do not know about it. The sensitivity towards gluten requires one to avoid gluten at any cost. Due to a lack of awareness among people, the diagnosis of gluten allergy does not take place. As a result, people continue to eat gluten-rich food even if their bodies cannot digest it. This leads to inflammation in the body and one gets serious gut-related issues. It may also lead to swelling of the stomach or even an autoimmune disease. If you are having problems related to information regularly, despite doing everything, then we recommend you get a gluten allergy checkup.

* Drinking Excess Alcohol 

Drinking excess alcohol might be another reason why you are facing inflammation as it increases the chances of developing chronic inflammation in the body. As per a report published in Alcohol Research, consistent intake of alcohol is directly connected with intestinal-related problems. This can further cause inflammation in the body and may also lead to unfavourable changes in the stomach. Avoid the consumption of alcohol for better gut health especially if you are facing consistent problems.

These are some of the top reasons why you might be facing the problem of inflammation. Most of us knowingly or unknowingly make mistakes in our dietary practices that further lead to extremely serious problems. All of these can be avoided by simply eating a diet that is well-balanced and devoid of any unhealthy food items.