5 Easy Ways To Unclog A Blocked Kitchen Sink
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A clogged kitchen sink can be a great issue as it hampers the drainage system of the kitchen. The kitchen sink is an indispensable part of the kitchen and is used for a variety of purposes including washing, utensils, and vegetables, and even washing hands frequently during the process of cooking.

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 The accumulation of a lot of dirty water and clogged food particles in the kitchen sink can lead to the growth of multiple bacteria.This eventually leads to the production of a foul smell that clouds the kitchen and also the multiplication of bacteria that start affecting the food. The kitchen is the epicentre of the house and making sure that all the parts of a kitchen are clean is a necessity. Clogged kitchen sinks are sometimes inevitable but there are so many simple methods that can be used to unclog the sinks.

* Baking Soda And Vinegar

Baking soda and vinegar is a very hit combination that is often used for cleaning purposes. The process can be started by simply putting some baking soda in the clogged sink. Half a cup of baking soda mixed with some water is going to be enough. Now an equal amount of vinegar has to also be poured in the drain. Within 15 minutes, a fizzing sound will be heard in the sink. The reaction between baking soda and vinegar helps unclog the kitchen sink and removes any unnecessary particles that might be present in the kitchen sink pipe. At last, put some hot water in the sink so that everything gets cleaned up properly. This is an easy and budget-friendly way of unclogging the kitchen sink without much hassle.

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* Plunger

A plunger is also a great way of cleaning the kitchen sink, and is often underestimated but comes with a lot of potential. A plunger doesn't just work well for toilet seats but is also a great way to properly clean kitchen sinks. It is very important to make sure that the upper rubber part of a plunger is properly covered with water. So one must make sure that there is enough water in the sink already. Now one must place the plunger in the sink and give it good pushes up and down to make sure that the sink gets cleaned properly. This will help in removing any kind of kitchen blockage that might be present in the sink and will help in the free movement of water.

* Caustic Soda

This method should only be used in the case of very rigid clogging of the kitchen sink when nothing else is working out. This method should be used with a lot of care and precision otherwise it can go extremely wrong. Caustic soda is an extremely harmful chemical that can also harm the skin if not used properly. The Caustic soda must be mixed with water as per the instruction of the manufacturer of the soda. Now one must wear some gloves before pouring it down the kitchen sink. The process should be done with a lot of care and one must make sure that nothing spills out of the container and everything directly goes into the kitchen sink. If a person is not sure about the application of this method, then it should be avoided.

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* Bent Wire Hanger Trick

Any wire hangers can also be used to unclog the kitchen sink. A waste wire hanger is available at almost everyone's home. It is an effective measure to unclog the kitchen pores and it has to be simply straightened and then a hook should be created on the top. Now this wire hanger must be inserted inside the kitchen sink very carefully. With the help of the hand, the wire hanger must be moved in a different direction to eliminate any kind of waste particles that are present in the kitchen sink. Once a person gets hold of the gunk or the waste material present in the sink, it can be removed with the help of wire.

* Boiling Water

This is probably one of the simplest solutions that one can find for unclogging the kitchen sink. Boiling water is a great way of removing the stored particles in the kitchen sink and the pipe that one is not able to get rid of. The high temperature of the water helps the particles to melt off easily from the surface and clears the passage. It is important to remember that the temperature of the water must be at the boiling point. Only extremely hot water is going to help unclog the sink and lukewarm water is not going to help.These are some of the top ways to unblock the kitchen sink and make it clean by using some simple ingredients available in the kitchen itself.