How To Get Rid Of Musty And Mildew Smell In Kitchen Sink Drain?
Image Credit: Foul Smell From Kitchen Sink Drain

During the rainy season, everyone faces dampness in the house. However, the house is cleaned every day to remove this stench. But apart from all this, there is a lot of stink from the sink which goes unnoticed. If your kitchen sink smells terrible during monsoon season, then try these tips. 

Clean kitchen sink drain

Please keep cleaning the sink from time to time. But in the rainy season, the sink smells even after cleaning regularly. Do you know why? This is because of draining the remaining vegetable gravy, soups and other harmful liquids into the sink. So never flush these things in the sink. Instead, if necessary, add water before flushing these liquids or keep the water tab running for two minutes. 

  1. Use baking soda: Most people have stainless steel sinks in their homes because they are effortless to clean. To clean the sink, sprinkle baking soda all over and, after 5 minutes, scrub it. This will clean the sink thoroughly and will also erase the foul smell coming from it. 
  2. Use naphthalene balls: Insert naphthalene balls to remove the bad smell from the sink during the rainy season. Put a naphthalene ball in the sink and let it work for a while. It will remove the stinking smell, worms and insects too. 

How to make your sink smell better? 

Use an orange peel to make your sink aromatic. To get rid of this smell, rub the orange peel on the sink, leave it and then wash it off with clean water. By doing this, not only will the smell will be gone, the sink will shine too. 

Don't collect garbage

Small food pieces are usually left in the utensils (kept in the sink). After washing the dishes, these leftover food pieces get deposited in the sink, which begins to stink. So never let the waste collect in the sink. Instead, after washing the dishes, throw out the accumulated trash in the dustbin. 

To remove the stinking smell from the sink, use the above methods and make your kitchen fragrant.