5 Easy Ways to Prevent Onion Rot During Monsoon

As a result of the increased moisture and humidity brought on by the monsoon, onions have a greater risk of going bad during this season. To minimise potential health issues, it is important to practise caution and prevent spoiling. In addition to causing waste, bugs are attracted to rotting onions. his article will provide you with effective tips and tricks to store onions properly and protect them from rotting during the rainy season. By following these guidelines, you can enjoy fresh and healthy onions in your meals throughout the monsoon and beyond. Say goodbye to wastage and welcome a more sustainable and hygienic approach to handling onions!

Store in a dry 

Onions can be kept from spoiling during the monsoon by storing them in a dry, well-ventilated area. Choose a dry, well-ventilated area, and don't use anything that can collect moisture, such as closed containers or plastic bags. Storing them in a mesh or wire basket with plenty of air holes will keep them from going bad.

Separate from other vegetables 

Storing onions in a dry place away from other produce is essential during the monsoon months to keep them from decaying. Water vaporised by onions hastens the spoilage of nearby food. The ethylene gas produced by fruits like apples and bananas can hasten the spoiling process, so it's best to store these items in a cool, dry spot away from potatoes and garlic. By doing so, you can prevent your onions from going bad. 

Check for spoilage 

Onions can degrade quickly in the monsoon, so it's important to keep an eye out for deterioration. Toss out any onions that have soft patches, mould, or discolouration. If the outer skin is papery, check for tears or other damage that could hasten its decomposition. In order to prevent the deterioration of the remaining onions in storage, it is important to keep a constant eye on the ones you already have. 

Avoid washing before storage 

If you want to keep your onions from going bad during the monsoon, avoid washing them before you store them. Because excess moisture can hasten the process of rotting, it is recommended to store onions in  ventilated container. To ensure that they stay as fresh as possible, you should keep them in a location that is both cold and dry and has enough of ventilation. In case they get wet because of the monsoon, make sure to dry them thoroughly before putting them away. Onions have a rather long shelf life, but it can be extended through careful storage and treatment to reduce the likelihood that they will rot. 

Use the right containers 

In order to keep onions from decaying during the monsoon, it is important to store them in the correct containers. To keep onions fresh, use containers that allow air to circulate, such as mesh bags, baskets, or even old pantyhose. These storage units feature ventilated walls to keep mould and mildew at bay. Avoid storing perishables in plastic bags or other airtight containers because this can hasten spoilage. Onions will stay fresh and useable for longer if you store them properly in the appropriate containers throughout the monsoon season.