5 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Stubborn Garlic Smell Off Your Hands
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Garlic is renowned for its pungent aroma and robust flavour, it is also a crucial ingredient in the culinary traditions of India as well as other nations for ages. Whether you mince it, crush it, roast it or simply sautee it, garlic always adds depth to your dish with its amazing aromatic nature. The strong flavour always ends up being mild and sweet then cooked in aromatic gravies.

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While garlic's aroma may be delightful when wafting from a simmering pot or roasting in the oven, having it cling to your hands can be less than pleasant, especially when trying to shake hands or handle other tasks. Fortunately, there are several easy and effective methods for banishing garlic odour from your hands, allowing you to enjoy the flavour and health benefits of garlic without the lingering scent. 

Wash hands With Warm Water

Washing hands with warm water is a simple yet effective method to banish stubborn garlic smells from your hands. The science behind it lies in the fact that warm water helps to open up the pores of your skin, allowing the odour-causing compounds from the garlic to be rinsed away more easily. Additionally, the warmth enhances the activity of the soap you use, aiding in breaking down and removing the oils responsible for the lingering scent. 

Coffee Rub

The coffee rub isn't just for adding flavour to meats; it's also a secret weapon against stubborn garlic odours clinging to your hands. The coarse texture of coffee grounds acts as a natural exfoliant, lifting away garlic residue. Additionally, coffee contains compounds that neutralise odours, effectively masking any lingering scent. Simply scrub your hands with a mixture of coffee grounds and a bit of water, rinse, and revel in the fresh, coffee-scented aftermath.

Citrus Fruit

When it comes to combating the pungent aftermath of garlic chopping, citrus fruit stands as a potent ally. The natural acids in citrus, particularly lemon or lime, effectively neutralise the odour. Simply rub your hands with the cut side of a lemon or orange, or rinse them with freshly squeezed juice. The citric acid reacts with the sulfur compounds in garlic, breaking them down and eliminating the smell. Plus, the refreshing citrus scent leaves your hands feeling revitalised, making it a simple and aromatic solution to banish stubborn garlic odours.

Use Baking Soda and Salt

Baking soda and salt form a dynamic duo in eliminating stubborn garlic odours from your hands. The abrasive texture of salt, combined with the alkaline properties of baking soda, works wonders in neutralising the pungent scent. Simply create a paste by mixing the two with a bit of water, then rub it onto your hands vigorously. This action helps break down the odour-causing compounds and facilitates their removal.

Rub Tomato Juice

The acidity in tomatoes neutralises the sulfurous compounds responsible for the lingering smell. Plus, the enzymes in the juice break down the odour molecules, leaving your hands fresh and clean. Just pour a bit of tomato juice onto your hands, rub them together, and rinse with water. It's a natural, budget-friendly solution that works wonders, sparing you from enduring garlic-scented hands long after cooking.