5 Easy Tips To Make Your Diet Weight-Loss Friendly
Image Credit: Image: Shutterstock

Weight management requires one to be consistent and patient. It isn’t an overnight process and there are no shortcuts to it. The only way is to make certain changes in your overall diet and lifestyle. One needs to have a wholesome regime in place that requires a balanced diet, a dedicated fitness routine and a weight-loss friendly environment. Yes, you heard us right. There is something called a ‘weight loss-friendly environment’, which matters a lot when you are on your way to achieve a desired physique. 

What you are eating and when you are eating is one thing that thousands of articles on the internet will tell you, but how to maintain that discipline is another game altogether. For this, one needs to keep in mind a combination of factors. For instance, you know you must eat protein in your meal at night, but if you do not practise portion control, how much of that knowledge would be of good use anyway. Similarly, what time you eat, how much you are eating, and so on are certain factors you must know. 

Here we have a few tips that can come in handy to keep your dinner weight-loss friendly: 

1. Keep your dinner light 

According to health experts and nutritionists, the last meal of the day should be light. Ever wondered why? Our metabolism tends to decrease as the day progresses. The body is not able to digest the food as fast as it would during lunch. And healthy digestion is a crucial component for sustainable weight loss. A heavy dinner would hinder the same. You can include a lot of grilled, roasted, and steamed food, since they have less oil.  

2. Eat in small plates 

This is one tip that we keep hearing about - something that many people in Japan follow for portion control. Smaller plates tend to trick our mind that we’ve put enough in our plates, so we tend to eat only as much as there is on the plate. Bigger the plate, more the food, as bigger plates fool you into believing that you have not had enough food. While this in no way means that one should eat less or starve, small plates would help you avoid any illusions regarding your portions. 

3. Sneak in maximum veggies alongside your mains 

No matter what you are having, there is always room for some veggies. Be it your grilled steaks, pastas, soups or just about anything, vegetables that are full of fibre can be sneaked in anywhere. Fibre takes time to digest, which makes you feel full for a long time. Additionally, they are also a treasure trove of vital antioxidants and nutrients. 

4. Cutlery to rescue 

Research indicates that eating slowly helps in boosting metabolism. And to avoid gulping down the food, you can put your cutlery to good use. If you eat with cutlery, you’ll take time to cut and eat, and you can take breaks in between bites by putting down your cutlery frequently. Savour the flavours, take time to chew your food. 

5. Look for hidden fats 

The ingredients and cooking technique that go in your dishes matter the most. One needs to keep a close eye on the ingredients that are being used in your food and the preparation too. Sometimes, what may seem healthy may have some 'hidden fats' that could hinder your weight loss goals. Your ‘healthy-looking’ salad with mayonnaise, white sauce and Italian dressings can have high fat content. Soups too often use a lot of cream, which isn’t a great idea if you are on a weight loss diet.