5 Easy Tips To Make Masala Doodh And Warm Your Winter Nights
Image Credit: Masala Milk | Image Credit: Freepik.com

Drinking milk shouldn’t just be adopted as a routine but is healthy too. Not only babies but adults should also adopt the habit of drinking milk. With ample nutritional benefits, milk is regarded as the powerhouse of wellness. Loaded with good amounts of energy-boosting and high-quality protein, milk also has minerals and vitamins that are crucial for human development.  

According to the National Library of Medicine, milk is rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, and phosphorus. Its indulgence helps in the development of bones and muscles. Besides, it eases those tummy troubles as well. But can these benefits be added on with the inclusion of other ingredients? Indian cuisine says yes, especially when it comes to winter-special milk-based drinks like haldi doodh and masala doodh.  

The regular plain milk can be spiced up this winter with masala milk. This is a tastier twist to the regular milk which will warm the body from inside in the chilly weather. Masala milk is apt to bid goodbye to your winter blues because it is infused with cardamom, dry ginger powder, black pepper, turmeric, saffron, and a medley of nuts. It is not only tasty but also a health boost.   

Wondering how to make some winter-special masala doodh at home? Worry not! Proving the ways and tips for whipping masala milk powder at home. Forget about the store masala and make it at home. Take a look at the tips to make the powder:  

  • Dry Roast The Delights  

The dry delights namely almonds, cashews, and pistachios take center stage here. Take a pan, and heat it. Swirl the nuts in the pan until they exude their nutty fragrance. This step is the secret to longer shelf life and the explosion of flavours.  

  • Cool Them  

Once roasted, cool all the dry nuts. It is advisable not to grind them when they when hot as it may turn into an oily mess. Place the nuts and dry fruits on a separate plate and cool them.  

  • Blend  

It is time to grind them. Put all the ingredients including nuts, dry fruits, turmeric, saffron, cardamom seeds, black pepper powder, and dry ginger powder. Grind away all the ingredients all at once. Keep it slightly coarse for that extra kick in the milk.  

  • Store It  

Masala milk powder is now ready. Store it in an airtight jar and use it when required. It is advisable to store it in the fridge to avoid the growth of fungus.  

  • Mix With Milk  

Now that the masala milk powder is ready, the winter nights got, even more, cozier and better. Stir it into the hot milk every night and sip it slowly enjoying its complete taste and flavour.